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Client Reviews for Villa Enoterra

This is a beautiful villa, with excellent facilities for a large group. The shady terrace is a particular asset. This is where we spent most of our time either eating / reading / playing cards / drinking long into the evenings. The pool is a decent size and owner provides pool toys, the table tennis table was well used by us, and the BBQ house is a fun facility. The location is rustic and rural - you're unlikely to hear another Brit and you will need to dust off your school Spanish. The locals were very friendly and patient with us. Goian isn't the prettiest of towns but don't be deceived by looks - cafes and restaurants were welcoming and great value. The Portuguese town (Vila Nova de Cerveira) on opposite bank of the river is also charming. The river valley seems to have its own micro climate - there was a breeze to counteract the heat - we sat on the terrace to 1am most nights and some needed light sweaters - on the plus side it wasn't too hot to sleep at night. If you want to experience rural Galician life, socialise in cafes and restaurants where the locals go and have the option of never having to leave the villa to have "fun" then Villa Enoterra is a great option.
Cuddeford Family

Really appreciated having a few conversations with reps who'd actually been to the villa. Owner was great: very helpful, generous and relaxed.
The Gregory Family

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