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Client Reviews for Blanche d'Armagnac

As Blanche d'Armagnac is newly available for rental there are no guest comments to show here at the moment. Vintage team member Louisa has visited the property and will be pleased to discuss details with you.
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Blanche d’Armagnac is such a great place to be together as a group. Those who enjoy cooking will like the kitchen but won't feel cut off from the others as they relax and enjoy the lovely local Floc aperitif with local prunes covered in bacon and just quickly made crispy under the grill. Here, everyone can share and be together. I love this area as I think Fourcès and Larressingle are stunning magical villages and the countryside is beautiful with its gentle hills and lovely views. If you want to understand the Gers, there is a great French film to watch called 'Le Bonheur est dans le Pré ' (Happiness is in the Meadow). The Gers is also known for the longevity of its inhabitants - reality or myth? All I know is that the food is good ! The Gers is not only home to Armagnac and foie gras, it also has very nice wines. You certainly won’t regret a visit here!
Louisa, Vintage Travel

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