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Love thy neighbour - why not explore Lefkas - the island next door?
Lefkatha means "white" and the islands' name of Lefkas reflects the towering white cliffs and beaches on the Western shores of this green and unspoilt island. Sailing from Fiscardo to Vassiliki, plenty of windsurfers consider this bay serious windsurfing territory. Apart from watching the colourful sails as they strut their stuff, exploring the rest of the island is a delight. Sivota, Nidri, Geni and Lefkas Town offer a wonderful variety of beaches, villages and towns to explore

Kefalonia's famous meat pies
The Greeks love their pies, and the Kefalonians have taken it one step further in producing this nourishing dish. Everyone has their own secret recipe, so we are unable to tell you exactly what's in it, but it is filo pastry stuffed with minced pork meat & rice along with the secret recipe of spices and sauce. Delicious!

Greek style tapas! Ouzo and meze
Treat yourself to a typical Meze – a series of tiny dishes that accompany the aniseed based liquor, you can try them in an Ouzerie, that is similar to a Spanish Tapas bar – a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Island hop to Zakynthos for the day
Another island, not so far away from Kefalonia, but it could be at the other end of the world, such is the contrast between these beautiful islands. Take the daily ferry over from the port of Pessada for the 90 minute crossing to Skinari, in the north of Zakynthos, and from there you could take another boat trip to the amazing ship-wreck beach, or go for a sightseeing tour before catching the evening ferry back.

Spend an afternoon at Myrtos beach
We suggest afternoon, because this is when the sun is shining fully on the beach, and you'll enjoy the amazing experience of bathing at one of the most glorious beaches. Myrtos has regularly been voted amongst the top 5 beaches in Europe over the past few years, and we are sure that you will endorse this bold claim.

The hills are alive ....
Yes, you can drive all the way to the top of Mount Aenos - save your energy for taking photographs and taking in the panoramic views. You may even spot the elusive and extremely endangered wild ponies.

Snakes alive! 15th August celebrates bizarre religious ceremony
On the biggest festival day of the year in Greece, the festival of Saint Maria, the most bizarre goings on take place in a village called Markopoulo. The story goes that Nuns once begged the Virgin Mary to turn them into snakes during a raid, and ever since, snakes are brought out to slither around the icons of the church in Markopoulo on this day, and many people consider this festival as a good luck festival and by touching or kissing the snakes, you are going to have a lucky year!

The king of the castle!
St George's Castle is the historic capital of Kefalonia. A great place to wander and explore. There are many alleyways, along with a wonderful old church and monastery with ancient icons on display. Afterwards, why not stop for a coffee or lunch there

Messing around in boats
Fiscardo is great for hopping in a boat (10 horse power anyone?) and gently exploring the many tiny coves and bays with a picnic that cannot be accessed by car. Check our local agent out for prices and availability

Dragorati caves
Although they have deservedly become a serious attraction on the Island, it’s never so busy that you have to spend much time waiting to see them. We recommend that you try to arrive there either early(ish) morning or late afternoon, so as to be sure to avoid any bus party that may be visiting the caves as part of their Island tour. The Stalagmites and Stalactites are well worth the effort of driving here.

Wine lovers - rejoice!
Kefalonia has many excellent wineries, all of which are delighted to offer wine tastings. But please respect the laws, and don’t drink and drive. Why not go twice, and swap drivers? Or try the nearby Mavrata winery, the taxi drivers know the way (and back!).

Visit Ithaca for a day, home to Odysseus and Penelope of mythology
well, we would recommend that you do some swatting up before you go, as the "Iiliad" is littered with references to Ithaca, it was where Odysseus was trying to return to for 10 years! Much more easily, you could visit the cave of Nymphs, or why not simply relax, have a nice lunch in one of the waterfront cafes in Vathi and then drop into one of the many delightful coves for a swim or a nap.

Saddle up and Explore
There is an excellent established riding school located in the village of Zervata, 4km south of Sami. A truly wonderful experience, their experienced team offer everything from 1-5 hours trips, to camping overnight with barbecue and campfire. For horse riding enthusiasts, this has to be high up on your list of things to do.

Pop over to adorable Assos
This tiny village is set in an idyllic spot and if a days hiking appeals, this is a great walk arriving in time for a lazy lunch and maybe catching the bus home!

People watching - a serious pastime!
When in Rome do as the Romans do - so they say, so when in Greece, do as the Greeks do – sit in a café in the square and drink a coffee. The square in Argostoli is a delightful spot to sip at your frappe and people watch.

walk across the Drapano bridge
and watch the fishermen catch their lunch. You'll be rewarded with beautiful views of Arogostoli on the way back. Stop off at the new trendy eaterie "Lathokolla", just off the main square, which serves up cheap and cheerful meat dishes like souvlaki, kebabs, and delicious kotosouvli, a Kefalonian speciality, served on brown paper tablecloths!

If there is one holiday read to enjoy then "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" is it!
Immerse yourself in the Louis de Bernieres novel, with its fascinating historical appeal (largely ignored in the film of the same name!). Then try to visit all the places mentioned within.

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