El Cantil
Great things to do near El Cantil
Open the bedroom windows in the early morning
to admire the views over the beautiful bay of Baiona. From your garden you can see the Ladeira beach.

With Baiona so close by, why not take an evening stroll along the seafront there.
You can contemplate the bay or watch the boats arriving in the Marina. The promendade is more than 5 kms long so you might feel the need to stop for a cool glass of local wine in one of the cafés which line the street opposite.

Patos beach close to Nigrán is the place to go. It's known as the 'beach of the waves' and there are a couple of surf schools based there too. Added bonus is the view over the Cies, plus the lovely white sand.

Join the path below your house to walk to Playa América
or towards Ramallosa. A pleasant stroll in the shade, and with the sea always beside you you'll see lots of beautiful little coves below

A Ramallosa, on the way to América beach,
has a splendid medieval bridge across the Miño river and is a source for one of the many Galicia legends. It is here that women who were three months pregnant would come to perform superstitious rites in the hope of guaranteeing a safe and easy birth. Look for St. Telmo's cross on the bridge and the 'All Saints Chest' under it too.

Take a ferry from Baiona to the Cies Islands,
now a National Park, to enjoy a lazy day on the fabulous beaches of fine white sand. Or walk through the sand dunes to sweet-smelling eucalyptus groves, watch for rare species of birds or enjoy a meal in the islands' restaurant.

Market Day.
There's an excellent market in Sabaris, between Ramallosa and Baiona on Monday mornings. Pop down to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables and find other goodies there too.

Sample some of the best sea food available
in Europe in the many tapas bars and restaurants of Vigo, much of which is uniquely bred in the local Rias. Try the oysters, delicious with a glass of the local Ribeiro wine!

Head to the lively little fishing port of Panxón
to lunch on the widest choice of seafood imaginable at the best prices. Take your time over lunch to relax and sit outside with the view over the port and the beach beyond.

Try some typical Galician dishes
- octopus, potatoes and chorizo, Galician stew and empanadas. Empanada is a pie which can contain anything and everything - but is most likely to have tuna, seafood or pork. Plenty of choice of restaurants in Playa America or Baiona.

Baiona is a great place for it and for even more choice try Vigo. Four shopping centres here selling all kinds of goods - plus take a look at the street dedicated to baskets. While there, visit the gallery displaying Sargadelos ceramics With exceptionally attractive figurines, plates and jewellery of a design unique to this part of Galicia you will find it hard to resist bringing home a piece! (There's also a shop in Baiona.)

In 1493 a ship called the Pinta made its way into Baiona port
to announce the discovery of the New World. You can visit a replica of the vessel in Baiona Harbour decked out as it was in the days of Christopher Columbus, with models of the crew, native Americans and even the exotic animals of the newly discovered land.

Go for some hot 'churros con chocolate'
for breakfast in one of the terrace cafes of Baiona with views over the port - try Café Monterrey. A sublime start to the day!

Monte Ferro.
A headland just past Panxón with views over the Estelas and Cies islands. Wander along the hillside walks to the lighthouse, look for the Roman remains and take a picnic too as there's a picnic area there.

The best known monument of Baiona is probably the Virgen de la Roca,
inaugurated in 1930. You can climb up the 15 metres high statue and take in the views from from the boat-shaped look out point in her right hand. If you still have the energy after the climb you can take the children to the huge playground built nearby.

Get close to nature
in the Monte Aloia National Park just a short distance inland. With around 10 kms of paths, there are 5 walking routes running alongside streams, water mills or pre-historic excavations plus a 'botanical garden' path.

The Monastery of Poio.
A fascinating and atmospheric monastery officially declared to be of historic and artistic interest dating from the year 942 or possibly even earlier. It has a interesting library containing the smallest book in the World, an impressive mural of mosaic depicting the French road to Santiago and possibly the largest horreo to be found in Galicia.

Explore the coast road from Baiona to Tui
First, stop at the Monastery of Santa Maria de Oia, declared a Historic-Artistic Monument of National Interest in 1931. Its location on the sea and in an elevated area for defensive reasons, makes it a very unique monastery. You can visit the cloisters, monastic garden and several rooms of the monastery. Visit the Iron Age fort at Monte Tecla and lunch on lobster in A Guarda. Continue on to Tui, passing through the wine growing area of O Rosal, where you can call in to a bodega to sample the wines. Tui itself is a stopover point on the Portuguese Camino to Santiago de Compostela and the old town is well worth a visit.

La Lanzada beach
Galicia is steeped in legends - it is said, for example, that when God put his hand down on the earth between the Atlantic sea and Galicia he formed the Rias with his fingers. La Lanzada beach between Sanxenxo and O'Grove has its legends too and women go there still to perform the Ritual of the Nine Waves to guarantee their fertility. It is a glorious sandy beach backed by dunes and great for beach and seaside activities.

Spend a relaxing day river bathing and picnicking on the banks of the River Verdugo
near Pontecaldelas. Follow the signs for 'Praia Fluvial' by the bridge - there is parking there too and fields and woodland to wander through.

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