Hilltop House
Great things to do near Hilltop House
Melidoni Cave
Visit the magnificent Cave of Melidoni The cave of Melidoni, or Gerontospilios as the locals used to call it is 31 kilometers from Rethymnon and 2 kilometers from the village of Melidoni. It used to be an important ritual place in the Neolithic times, during the Minoan period it was dedicated to the mythological bronze giant Talos. An inscription found during the excavations in the cave shows that in the Roman era the place was dedicated to the worship of Hermes (Mercury). The cave played an important role during the revolts of Cretan people against the Ottoman domination as it served as a place to hide for the warriors and a refuge for the population.

Palace of Knossos
Visit the palace of Knossos Excavated in the year 1900 by an English archaeologist by the name of Sir Arthur Evans, what remains of a huge civilization and a most impressive palace, and we recommend that you hire a guide in order to benefit from their wealth of information. I would also recommend that you take a sun hat as the site is very exposed on a hot and sunny day.

Kournas Lake
A large natural lake which is actually a huge Spring. You can hire kayaks and pedalos and has some great Restaurant`s around the North shore. Perfect for a non Beach day.

Local Villages
Explore pretty Adele and Pangalochori villages nearby It is worth seeing the church of St Panteleimonas and the house of Constantinos Ghiamboudakis, the Cretan hero who blasted the powder keg at Arkadi during the revolt of 1866, so that the Ottomans would not capture the people who had found refuge there. The monastery of Agios Arsanios, dating back to the 16 th century is found near the village Pangalochori, some 5 kilometers at the East of Adele, close to the National Road leading to Heraklion. The Monastery is celebrated in the name of Agios Georghios (St. George) and it is worth visiting it for the original wood carved icon screen and the wall paintings of the Catholicon.

Old town of Rethimnon
Saunter down.... Souliou street in the heart of Rethymnon A wealth of jewellery shops and a large selection of English titles at its bookshops. If one street is to be the single place for gathering all the gifts you need to complete your shopping tasks this is it: gather herbs, cosmetics, books, hats, a variety of jewellery, pottery and for shoeaholics there are quite a few streets leading off Souliou Street that might tickle your fancy...

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