Cabo do Sol
Great things to do near Cabo do Sol
Stroll along the path at the bottom of the garden to the small beach of La Buraca for a paddle.
Explore the rocks or just relax on the sand and listen to the waves.

Try some typical Galician dishes
- octopus, potatoes and chorizo, Galician stew and empanadas. Empanada is a pie which can contain anything and everything - but is most likely to have tuna, seafood or pork. Plenty of choice of restaurants in Canido, Baiona or Vigo.

Watch the sun go down in Samil.
from the terraces that line the beach where you can sip a cocktail and see the spectacular sunset in a unique setting.

Forest Parks
There are 437 square miles of Forest Parks in the hills behind Vigo with fountains, rivers and streams to make your walk even more enjoyable. With a total of 12 parks,there are nature trails suitable for childre, picnic/barbecue areas and plenty of viewing areas from which to admire the views.

Explore the coast road from Baiona to Tui
First, stop at the Monastery of Santa Maria de Oia, declared a Historic-Artistic Monument of National Interest in 1931. Its location on the sea and in an elevated area for defensive reasons, makes it a very unique monastery. You can visit the cloisters, monastic garden and several rooms of the monastery. Visit the Iron Age fort at Monte Tecla and lunch on lobster in A Guarda. Continue on to Tui, passing through the wine growing area of O Rosal, where you can call in to a bodega to sample the wines. Tui itself is a stopover point on the Portuguese Camino to Santiago de Compostela and the old town is well worth a visit.

The Panoramic G53 trail
is 25 miles long and passes through 11 of the 12 Forest Parks that cover the hills. The starting point is in Saians, a village near Canido on the road towards Baiona. This trail can be done in sections and can be joined at any of the National Forest Parks.

Visit the Roman Villa of Toroalla
Toralla is the small island opposite Canido reached by a bridge that can only be accessed on foot. The Roman archaeological site here was discovered in the 1920s. The site dates back to the 4th and 5th centuries AD, and is the only Roman town in Galicia whose remains are fully excavated and can be visited.

Explore Vigo's historic centre
Start at the pier where you can still see the underground remains of the ancient city wall, pass a square of arcades which was once a beach where fishermen moored their boats and you can still see the city’s oldest seafaring buildings. There are also several stately houses dating from the 15th century and the narrow Cesteiros street, full of artisan shops.

Visit Vigo Zoo
Up on a hill above Vigo, this little zoo's main aim is to protect endangered species. Animals to see include larger ones such as lions, tiger, grizzly bears, zebras and black panthers as well as many smaller ones, birds and a number of 'houses' including a noctural one, reptiles and butterflies in the summer.

Monte Ferro.
A headland just past Panxón at the far end of Playa America, with fantastic views over the Estelas and Cies islands. Wander along the hillside walks to the lighthouse, look for the Roman remains, an old canon and take a picnic too as there's a picnic area there. At the top of the Monte is a monument to everyone who has lost their life at sea, with a statue of the Virgin of the sea at the foot.

Pop over to Portugal and visit Valença.
It takes just 30 minutes or so to walk over the iron bridge (built by Gustave Eiffel) to the Portuguese walled town of Valença, a quaint and picturesque place with lovely views over to Tui. And if you happen to need some more towels for the beach this is the place to buy them.

Take a ferry from Baiona to the Cies Islands,
now a National Park, to enjoy a lazy day on the fabulous beaches of fine white sand. Or walk through the sand dunes to sweet-smelling eucalyptus groves, watch for rare species of birds or enjoy a meal in the islands' restaurant.

Vigo Museum.
Vigo is justly proud of its Museum 'Quiñones de León' housed in a Galician Manor house, one of the best preserved of its type. It has nearly 300,000 square metres of parkland and gardens, including English, French and Rose gardens. Also, every summer live performances of all types of music, dancing and theatre are held there.

Indulge yourself in one of the many spas in the region
which claim to offer benefits not only to your skin but also to your general well-being. Most of all though it is a perfect way to relax. There is one just outside Baiona (Talaso Atlantico) with a sea-water swimming pool and a gym included . It also offers child minding facilities and an excellent restaurant too.

Take a boat trip along the Minho River,
probably the most beautiful of the Galician Rías, and view Spain from one side and Portugal from the other! Tours start from the port at Camposancos.

Tour the grounds of the medieval Castillo de Monterreal in Baiona
surrounded by the mighty walls built between the 11th and 17th centuries. There is a small charge for entrance but it is well worth the visit for the beautiful views and the amazing sunsets over the Ria.

Stay in Baiona for an early evening stroll
along the seafront there. You can contemplate the bay or watch the boats arriving in the Marina. The promendade is more than 5 kms long so you might feel the need to stop for a cool glass of local wine in one of the cafés which line the street opposite.

Explore the nearby Morrazo Peninsular,
situated between the two rias of Pontevedra and Vigo, it possesses some of the most attractive and varied beaches of the Rias Baixas. Two of the nicest (Barra and Nerga, the former a naturist beach) are approached through the shade of the pine trees and dunes that form their backdrop.There are many other beaches to explore such as the pretty beach of Menduina and the beach at Bon which has calm seas and a play area - fun for children.

Visit a Furancho to sample the young wine
Vigo’s neighbourhoods have several furanchos, where you will feel like in a real Galician rural tavern, with a relaxed, timeless family atmosphere. The owners usually serve tasty home made tapas to go with the wine.

Pontevedra lies on the Pilgrim's route from Portugal to Santiago
and the old part is probably the most beautiful and best preserved in Galicia. The Zona Monumental contains many noteworthy buildings of historical interest and is well worth a visit. Don't miss the great tapas in the little bars in the square of Plaza de la Leña, near the museum.

Take a segway tour of Vigo!
A novel way of viewing the sites. Visit different places in the city along the special tourist routes.

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