Quinta de Cartemil
Great things to do near Quinta de Cartemil
Country living
Wander around Quinta de Cartemil's almost 30 acres of gardens, orchards and woods or sit back and admire the views over the rolling countryside.

Sample the local wine
and then visit the local wine Co-Operative in Ponte de Lima to stock up on supplies. Some of the wine might even be from Quinta de Cartemil's own vineyards!

Hire a canoe or kayak
from the boat club at Ponte de Lima and explore the river.

Local 'festas' ...
There are two very enjoyable ones in Ponte de Lima, one held in June, known as the "Vaca das Cordas" (when ropes are tied around the horns of a bull, which is then led onto the sand to 'fight' with the local population) and one in September, when the town once again bursts into life with the jolly event known as the Feiras Novas (New Fairs). This is the town festival, which includes a huge market, fireworks, a funfair, carnival costumes and a brass band competition.

Hire a bike
and cycle along the path which runs from Ponte de Lima alongside the Minho to the Bertiandos and S. Pedro de Arcos lagoons. This is a protected wetlands nature reserve with several trails to follow, either by bike or on foot.

Visit the natural and wonderful landscapes of the Peneda-Geres National Park.
Explore the small villages of Pitões das Júnias and Tourém, which have held onto their traditional customs, or follow the shepherds trails from Mata da Albergaria through to Portela do Homem which willl lead you to some beautiful waterfalls.

Play golf
at the challenging 18 hole course in Ponte de Lima. This course is easily as good as any in the Algarve.

Ponte de Lima's market
The fortnightly market is held on alternate Mondays down on the sandy banks of the river where it has been held since the year 1125 and is a huge and lively affair!

Take a leisurely river trip along the Lima
from the Pier near Largo 5 de outubro in Viana do Castelo. There are shorter trips of around 45 minutes or you can take a longer trip which includes lunch.

Soak up fantastic views of the historic port of Viana do Castelo
by taking the funicular to the church of Santa Luzia. If you do not suffer from vertigo, climb the dome and look out from the very very top.

Visit the chapel to the Patron Saint of Ears.....
a pleasant walk of around 10 kms take you a hill up above Ponte de Lima to the Chapel of Santo Ovidio. Inside the chapel, the hard of hearing leave waxed models of their ears for the saint. Part of the walk follows the pilgrim's route to Santiago, so you pass many shrines on the way. (Details of walks are available from the tourist office).

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