Great things to do near Danai
Take a boat trip out to see the monk seals
In the marine park between Skopelos and Alonissos.The protected Monk Seal (Monachus monachus) swim in the protected waters of this marine park. These wonderful mammals thrive in the fish infested waters around here, and although the local fishermen are at war with them, we still love them, and I’m sure you will to.

Try one of the local speciality dishes
One of the many speciality dishes coming out of Skopelos is goat or lamb cooked in a lemon sauce. It really is delicious, and you can usually find this being served in one of the tavernas at the far end of the harbour front in Skopelos Town, close to the steps that lead up to the imposing church. Mixalis restaurant in Skopelos town has been said to serve delicious traditional pies and run by "charming owners". Zoupa restaurant is another restaurant with a fantastic array of colourful flowers surrounding the outside seating area, and serving traditional Greek food, even including the traditional Skopelos plums in certain recipes!

Go to the beach!
The beaches in Skopelos are really fantastic, there are more than ten in and around the town alone, boasting crystal clear waters, with lush green pine forests coming down all the way to the back of the pebble beach. Also, with the Island not having its own airport, it is generally very quiet so the beaches are never very crowded. Stafylos is a lovely pebbly beach, and it’s only a 4km drive out of Skopelos Town. There are some steep steps down to this sheltered bay, and it’s well worth the effort. Limnonari beach is a sandy bay surrounded by stunning cliffs and mountain sides covered in green shrubs and trees, a stunning setting to relax on the beach, or enjoy a glass of wine by the seafront with gorgeous views across the water.

For those who love to explore the oceans, the walk (or should I say climb) down to Adrina beach is well worth the effort, as it’s truly stunning. And extremely quiet, thanks to its isolated location. There are a couple of nice nooks and crannies at the far end of the bay, towards Milia that make for great exploring and octopus fishing. In Agnontas, on the south of the island and about a 15 minute drive from Skopelos town, there is an abundance of fish to see and even the unusual sea cucumber around the interesting rocky seabed.

If you love jazz...
..visit one of the classy jazz bars located in one of the back streets of Skopelos Town. Merkourios is one of the best ones, and if you are lucky to get a table with a view as well, then you are in for the perfect evening.

Explore the island on 2 wheels!
If you fancy a slightly more active afternoon, another great and 'green' way to see the island is by bike! You can hire bikes for all the family from Panos 'Skopolos cycling', and enjoy the fantastic views over the mountains and out across the sea while being under the gorgeous Greek skies. You can even join bike tours which are lead by the owner of the bike rental shop so you can be sure of your route without worrying about getting lost! Panos provides attentive and "exceptional" service, so you can be sure you are in safe hands! Maybe take a Mediterranean picnic and a bottle of something sparkling out with you and relax at the top of a mountain overlooking the town or simply gazing out to sea.

Try the coffee in a traditional kafeneon (Greek coffee shop)
This is something you won’t be able to do at home. There are still many of these traditional kefeneons in Skopelos, where the old men sit and drink their Greek coffee, play backgammon and generally keep out of the house long enough till their wives have cleaned up and prepared their dinner!

Rent a boat and make your own trip around the island!
Always a great day out, and something all the family will enjoy. The only place on the Island that you can rent out motorboats is in Panormos, so either get there early in the day, or make a reservation.Maybe try sailing to another nearby island, perhaps Skiathos or Sporades, and take a picnic to enjoy when you moor up. See the islands as you never would from the land, and get a perspective for the size of Skopelos to see just what a gem it is nestled deep into the Med.

Take a stroll along the seafront
Just as the sun is setting but the temperatures are still warm, enjoy the beautiful colours when dusk falls, take a walk along the seafront, and maybe stop at a couple of coffee bars or wine bars along the way. As the area is generally quiet and calm, with other people strolling along the beach, if you have children with you they can always play on the sand while Mum and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa can enjoy a glass of something special and a evening snack looking over the sea.

Visit Glossa - a charming hill top village
Glossa is the second largest village on the island, and being high up it commands magnificent views. Found in the north of the Island, this village has retained all its old fashioned charm and traditional ways of living. “Where time has stood still” would accurately describe the way of life up here. Well worth a trip up to see for yourself.

The castle of Skopelos
If you love investigating the remains and old sites of historic buildings this could be a great way to spend an afternoon. The Castle of Skopelos was originally built in the 13th century as a Venetian Fortress, and forms part of Skopelos town. It is possible to see the castle from almost everywhere on the island., and can be reached by climbing the steps of the "Panayitsa tou Pyrgou" church near the harbour.

Platanos Square, Skopelos Town
Have a cold refreshing drink or even enjoy a traditional Greek dish in this beautiful bright square, softly shaded by surrounding trees. With a lovely welcoming atmosphere due to the friendly staff at the local restaurants and cafes it is a beautiful place to relax and take a breather from the busier areas of town.

Notice the unique architecture of Skopelos
Whilst you are walking around the town, or looking down on it from a hilltop or mountside walk, notice the unique and very pretty design of the houses, most with completely white-wash walls and vibrant splashes of colours on doors, balconies, window frames and shutters which keep your eye wandering around the facades of the buildings, giving an insight into local tastes and favourite designs.

Panaghia Eleftherotria church
With a beautiful circular roof covered in slate tiles but sprinkled with colourful mosaic tiles, Panaghia Eleftherotria church designed and built in the 18th century is a beautiful spot to take a 10 minute break. Sit by the fountain outside its doors which is under the shade of a giant plane tree, providing an ideal spot to rest your legs and get refreshed in the cooling shade.

Try the traditional Cheese Pies of Skopelos
Whilst on the island you must try and taste the traditional cheese pies. One of the main differences between this version of a pie and a traditional Cornish pasty for example (even though they might look the same) is that the Skopelos version is fried and not baked. A unique taste and something at least to sample!

Visit the Skopelos town seaside and harbour
With a fantastic array of unique and charming retaurants, cafes and shops the harbour and seafront will provide something for everyone in the family to enjoy. There are also little souvenir shops where you can pick up trinkets, momentos and postcards to send home and call out to everyone you know... "We wish you were here...!"

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