La Oliva
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Try Cured Ham from Arriate
Ronda provides a very good base for visiting the white villages of the Serranía de Ronda. Visit the nearby town of Arriate, famous for its pork products. The local ham, cured in this ideal mountain climate, is exported throughout Spain.

Rock-hewn houses
From Arriate, drive towards Setenil de las Bodegas. This is a peculiar (and spectacular!) village with houses built inside the mountain.

Play golf
Play a round at one of the coast's magnificent golf courses; one of them, the Dama de Noche, is open 24 hours a day. And while you're playing, non-golfing members of the family can go shopping in Marbella's pretty historic town centre.

Best viewpoint for photos of Ronda
One of Ronda’s most popular short walks takes you to the ancient cave church, the Virgen de la Cabeza. Here is where the most spectacular views of Ronda and its gorge can be seen.

Gorgeous Granada
Make a day excursion to Granada. It is hard to imagine a list of wonders of the world that has no place for Granada´s Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens. Remember to book the tickets in advance. You can do it in Ronda at the BBV Bank, opposite the main entrance to the bullring.

Albaicín Quarter, Granada
But Granada is not just the Alhambra, the city itself offers further delights: the ancient Albaicín quarter, the Royal Chapel adjoining the cathedral and many lively little squares, pulsating with energy.

Granada - University City
We cannot forget that Granada is mainly a student city and its university attracts thousands of young people - prices in tapas bars and restaurants are very reasonable. Furthermore, bars continue with the practice of offering a free tapa with each drink.

Lessons for 'Boy Racers'
A special birthday treat for motor racing enthusiasts, perhaps? Book a day's course in driving a racing car at the Ascari centre just outside Ronda.

Convento de San Francisco
If you like sweets and command a good knowledge of the Spanish language, try to visit a convent in the old part of the town. It is in the square of San Francisco, and the name of the convent is Convento de San Francisco. The hard-working nuns earn a living for their foundation by making and selling cakes. Needless to say, food colouring and preservatives are not amongst the ingredients!

Explore Ronda
Back in Ronda, the city centre and old part of the town are filled with day trippers in summer, but it retains its Spanish flavour in the evenings, the best time for a walk along the gorge. The sunsets are beautiful.

More Flamenco
If you are interested in Flamenco, do not miss the Flamenco Festival that takes place in the town in August.

Cave Culture
Why are bats so important to the eco-system of the caves in the Serrania de Ronda? Find out by visiting the Cave Museum in Montejaque, and learn how the caves were formed in this Karstic landscape.

Spring Festival
Ronda has a Spring Festival in May. Well worth a visit, it takes place in the market in the new part of the town. This Spring Festival is usually devoted to cattle, but there are competitons of tapas and an exhibition of local products.

Visit a Bodega
Some excellent wines are produced by 'bodegas' in the Ronda area and some bodegas offer guided tours and wine tastings. Ronda also has a wine museum where you can sip a glass as you wander around the beautiful old building and discover the history of wine production in the region.

Sunday Market
Every Sunday there is a market in the new part of the town, behind the football stadium. It starts at 9am, and finishes at about 2pm. The fruit and vegetable sold there are delicious. We suggest you go early for the best choice!

Art Exhibitions
Art lovers should visit El Convento de San Francisco, the recently restored building situated immediately after the bridge on your left. There are exhibitions of Spanish artist through the whole year

Bodega San Francisco
Another area with lots of bars, away from the tourist area is Plaza de San Francisco, in the old part of the town, by the old town walls. There are many bars there and the best one is Bodega San Francisco. Try its serranitos, a small sandwich with ham, pepper and tomato.

Head to the foot of the Gorge...
You cannot leave Ronda without going down to the bottom of the gorge (best approached via the old walls).

...and for the Best View of Ronda...
The best views of Ronda are not only from down the bottom of the gorge but also opposite it. Drive to the old walls of the town, and follow signs for Algeciras. Then look for a purple sign to Ermita Rupestre from where Ronda can be appreciated at its best.

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