Casita de Baredo
Great things to do near Casita de Baredo
Explore the old mills
Starting by the bridge, a 760m wooden walkway takes you through some beautiful countryside to 8 old mills, 3 of which have been restored. Keep an eye out for birds, amphibians and small mammals as this is an area rich in flora and fauna.

Stroll down to the local restaurant
Os da Ponte is renowned for high quality fish and seafood. Furthermore, it offers stunning views out towards the Atlantic Ocean and is just 500m from the house.

Blow away the cobwebs
A short drive from the house you'll find the Cabo do Silleiro. In this interesting area you'll find the ruins of an old military base, the 'Faro do Silleiro' lighthouse and the 'Mirador do Silleiro' viewpoint from which you can enjoy spectacular views of this rugged coastline.

Visit the local church
La Iglesia de Baredo was built in 1812 on the site of a much earlier chapel dating to 1140. The church houses an image of La Virgen de La Cela which is shrouded in local legend.

Do the laundry
That's right! In the Cabreiro area of the village, just a short walk from the house, you'll find 'A Fonte do Cabreiro' a public laundry house built on the site of a natural spring. It has a special place in the hearts of the local people, many of whom returned to use it during the droughts and subsequent water cuts of 2010. Its elevated position affords views over the village.

Discover the beaches of Baiona
There are 6 beaches in Baiona, all sheltered from the wind and strong currents. In 1585, Sir Francis Drake landed at Santa Marta beach in an attempt to attack Baiona. The beach is now one of many in the area awarded with Blue Flag status.

Patos beach, close to Nigrán, is the place to go. It's known as the 'beach of the waves' and there are a couple of surf schools based there too. An added bonus is the view over the Cies Islands and the lovely white sand.

Enjoy some of the best seafood available anywhere in the world!
Galicia is world renowned for its seafood, famed for its excellent quality and intensity of flavour. With so many great restaurants nearby offering freshly caught local produce, you'd be mad not to try it.

Indulge yourself in one of the many spas in the region
Spas offer benefits not only for your skin but also for your general well-being. Most of all though it is the perfect way to relax. There is one just outside Baiona (Talaso Atlantico) with a sea-water swimming pool and a gym included. It also offers child minding facilities and an excellent restaurant too.

Explore Vigo
Soak up the atmosphere in the cobbled streets around the Rua Pescaderia and walk through the adjacent park to capture some amazing views of the Ria which plays such an important part in the life of this fascinating city, the second largest fishing port in the world.

Relax on one of the world's best beaches
A short ferry crossing from Baiona will take you to the stunning Cies Islands and the world famous Playa de Rodas, named the best beach in the world by the Guardian Newspaper in 2007.

Visit A Ramallosa en route to Playa América
The splendid medieval bridge across the Miño river is the source of one Galicia's many legends. It is here that women who were three months pregnant would come to perform superstitious rites in the hope of guaranteeing a safe and easy birth. Look out for St. Telmo's cross on the bridge and the 'All Saints Chest' under it too.

Visit the Castillo de Monterreal
This fortress was built in the 1500s to protect Baiona from enemy pirate ships. Nowadays, there is 4-star luxury hotel inside the walls, but a walk along the beach in front of the old historic exterior still offers some impressive views. It is located on the Monte Boi peninsula and is just a short drive from the house. There is a small charge for entrance but it is well worth the visit for the beautiful views and the amazing sunsets over the Ria.

Watch the sun go down at Samil Beach, Vigo
From the terraces that line the beach you can sip a cocktail and see the spectacular sunset over the Atlantic ocean in a unique setting.

Take a Minho River Trip
Take a boat trip along the Minho river, the winding stretch of water which separates Spain and Portugal. The trip starts in A Guarda and takes you up the river and into mainland Spain/Portugal. The trips are either one hour or a full day. There are some beautiful views to be seen of the local landscape and nearby nature and wildlife along the way so take a camera as it will be a great photo opportunity!

Set foot aboard the Pinta
In 1493 a ship called the Pinta made its way into Baiona port to announce the 'discovery' of the New World. You can visit a replica of the vessel in Baiona Harbour decked out as it was in the days of Christopher Columbus, with models of the crew, native Americans and even the exotic animals brought from the newly 'discovered' land.

Visit La Virgen de la Roca
The statue was designed by Antonio Palacios and built between 1910 and 1930 and stands at an impressive fifteen and a half metres, which makes for some creative picture taking! You can reach the top of the statue by climbing the steps which circles up to a platform from which you will see a fantastic view of the Atlantic ocean, another amazing opportunity for photos over the enormous stretch of blue water and sky. Inside the statue there is a small box in which you will find a selection of silver and gold coins, and information telling you about the Virgin.

Get into the Great Outdoors
There are 437 square miles of Forest Parks in the hills behind Vigo with fountains, rivers and streams to make your walk even more enjoyable. With a total of 12 parks, there are nature trails suitable for children, picnic/barbecue areas and plenty of viewing areas from which to admire the views.

Take an evening stroll in Baiona
With Baiona so close by, why not take an evening stroll along the seafront there. You can contemplate the bay or watch the boats arriving in the Marina. The promendade is more than 5 kms long so you might feel the need to stop for a cool glass of local Albariño wine in one of the many bars which line the cobbled streets.

Pop to Portugal
With so many amazing Galician wonders to explore nearby, you'd be forgiven for not wanting to venture too far. However, Valença is a fascinating walled town located on the banks of the Minho River and is just a 40 minute drive from the house.

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