Pazo de Ceilan
Great things to do near Pazo de Ceilan
Take a dip
The 'Playa fluvial de Tapia' is just a 5 minute drive from the house. This popular river beach has many facilities including a Chiringuito (Snack Bar) and children’s swimming pool. It is also home to the Ribeiras do Tambre sports club, offering canoe lessons and hire.

Enjoy fresh local bread
A delivery of freshly baked local bread comes through the village of Ceilan at around 9am every day, apart from on Sundays. If you leave an empty bag hung on the entrance gates and a note saying how many loaves or 'Barras' you would like, it will be left for you. You can either pay on delivery or leave the amount in the house for Antonio (the groundsman) to pay.

Visit a medieval fort
Pazo de Coton is one of Negreira's most emblematic buildings. Restored extensively in the 17th century, this medieval fort and the adjoining chapel of San Mauro are well worth a visit.

Go to the end of the world
Derived from the Latin 'finis terrae', meaning 'end of the earth', Finisterre was believed to be the end of the known world in Roman times. This spectacular rock-bound peninsula is just an hour's drive from the house.

Step back in time
Nearby Ponte Maceira is a charming and traditional Galician village. Within its beautiful surroundings you'll find an old mill, a reservoir, the chapel of San Brais, a modern 'pazo' and a picturesque 13th century bridge which crosses the River Tambre.

Head for the beach
Those on the north and south banks of the Ría de Muros e Noia have calm waters and sandy beaches, some long with good coastal walks and others in sheltered coves. The nearest is 'Praia de Testal' at Noia about 30 minutes drive away.

Wander the old streets of Santiago
In the old parts of the city you'll find narrow, arcaded lanes and interesting squares lined with amazing houses, churches and monasteries. After a visit to the cathedral and the numerous monuments nearby take time to stroll around and find hidden corners such as the 'Calexa de Sal se Podes' - the very narrow alleyway aptly named 'Get out if you can'!

Look for the 'Cruceiros'
As you drive around the countryside look out for the 'Cruceiros' . Made of stone, these crosses are generally found at the entrance to churches or on crossroads and are respresentative of Galician culture and art. They are also full of legends and offer amongst many other things, protection for the weary traveller.

Try the famous peppers
Nearby Padrón is home to the famous 'Pimientas de Padrón'. These tasty little peppers, originally from Mexico, are now grown throughout the region to meet the high demand. Try them roasted in oil but watch out for the occasional really hot one! Dedicated pepper fans can visit the pepper festival held in the town in August.

Visit Santiago's stunning Cathedral
Admire the outside which was built between the 11th and 13th century and then step inside to see the Fachada del Obradoiro (the work of gold) and the 12th century Doorway of Glory which depicts over 200 figures representing the Last Judgement.

Visit Noia
Noia is a typical Galician seaside town, full of history yet still a very active fishing port and a great place to try the freshest of sardines! It has a pretty old medieval centre and is famous for its beautiful square facing out to sea. A delightful town to stroll around and one not to be missed.

Discover some literary greats
Padrón is the birthplace of two of Spain's most important writers - Rosalia de Castro, a Romantic poet and Camilo Jose Cela, a Nobel prize-winner for Literature. Everywhere you go in Galicia you will find statues or streets named after Rosalia and you can visit her home (now a museum) in Padrón and learn about her fascinating life.

Visit Betanzos - one of Galicia's best preserved historic towns
Betanzos was a Celtic village and then Roman port which had its heyday in the 18th century and hasn't changed much since. There are lots of houses and mansions with wrought iron balconies to admire and no shortage of fiestas during the summer too!

Explore A Coruña
A Coruña is known as the liveliest city in Galicia and there's certainly plenty to do. Sometimes called 'Glass City' for the beautiful glass-fronted balconies on many of its houses, it has an attractive promenade, an interesting historical centre, two sandy beaches, an aquarium and the Torre de Hercules, the oldest functioning lighthouse in the world.

Enjoy some of the best seafood available anywhere in the world!
Galicia is world renowned for its seafood, famed for its excellent quality and intensity of flavour. With so many great restaurants nearby offering freshly caught local produce, you'd be mad not to try it.

Experience the magic
Galicia is a land full of myth and legend. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled in this enchanting place and prepare to be wowed by the fantastical stories which abound here.

See some amazing live music
Galicia has a rich musical history and you'll never be far from some fantastic live music. A Banda das Crechas meet at Casa das Crechas in Santiago most Wednesday nights ( Incredible musicians playing authentic Gallego folk music in an atmospheric and friendly setting, it is a joy to behold.

Try some Galician wines
For lovers of white wine there's the famous and fruity Albariño whilst fans of red can opt for a glass of Mencía. One thing that both these wines have in common is their crisp style and fresh character making them very drinkable indeed!

Enjoy the house and gardens
Although Galicia is home to a wealth of attractions to tempt you away from the house, we'd really recommend spending some quality time enjoying Pazo de Ceilan. The historic and charming house and carefully tended gardens and pool offer you many areas in which to relax and unwind.

Get out into the Great Outdoors
Galicia is a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors. With an abundance of protected natural areas, it is home to an amazing variety of flora and fauna, including a 3rd of the Spanish wolf population. The nearest area of note is the 1,583 hectare protected area which extends along the River Tambre estuary from Noia.

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