3 Hazeldene
Great things to do near 3 Hazeldene
Explore East Portlemouth by boat
You can explore the beautiful sheltered scenic Salcombe waters in your own self-drive hire boat, available from Salcombe Harbour. Why not pack a picnic and make a day of it.

Start Point Lighthouse
Take a tour of the striking Start Point Lighthouse which is situated on one of the most exposed peninsulas on the English Coast. There is also a visitor centre situated at the lighthouse.

Dartmouth Castle
For over 600 years, Dartmouth Castle guarded the narrow entrance to the Dart Estuary and the port of Dartmouth and it is also one of the most beautifully located fortresses in England because of this. There is plenty to do at the castle including climbing to the top of the battlement for fantastic views of Dartmouth town, visiting the lower floor where the chain would have been stretched across the estuary, enjoying a home-made cream tea and taking a ferry ride to or from the castle which is perfect for wildlife spotting.

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