Great things to do near Menta
Sivota Bay
Take a walk down to the harbour front and have a fresh greek coffee at one of the café-bars along the waterfront. Enjoy the view over the bay and towards nearby Ithaca.

Rent a boat
Take advantage of the proximity to Sivota Bay and rent a boat for the day from Sivota Boat rentals and visit the nearby islands of Skorpios or Meganissi, the beach at Mikros Gialos or the Papanikolis sea cave, also on Meganissi. Please be aware that you need a license to hire certain boats.

Mikros Gialos Beach
Hop in the car and drive 15 minutes to the beach at Mikros Gialos. This beautiful sandy bay has a variety of bars and restaurants to explore as well as gorgeous white sands and turquoise waters to be enjoyed. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas here as well, so there’s no excuse to not relax!

Visit Vasiliki...
Just 15 minutes away to the West you will find the bustling village of Vasiliki. If you are interested in water sports this is just the place for you! With clubs along the seafront offering surfing lessons and equipment rentals, Vasiliki has everything you need to practise your moves on the waves. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars here playing popular music, and designated areas on the beach for bathers.

Afteli Beach – untouched paradise!
Just 10 minutes from Sivota Bay by car you will find the tiny hamlet of Afteli, with its stunning natural beach surrounded by green hills. The beach is small, but to head there in the morning you should find a nice spot to relax for a few hours and enjoy the stunning views.

Lively Lefkada Town
Lefkada Town is the capital of the island. Like most Mediterranean capitals, you will find a charming labyrinth of stones streets with shops and restaurants in abundance. However, unlike many towns, Lefkada Town also had a glorious natural lagoon which fills with flamingos in the summer months, as well as a beautiful natural beach to the north of the town. From this beach you will have an amazing view of the mainland as well as Paxos and Anti Paxos. Spend a day exploring the area and don’t forget your camera!

Try Scuba Diving in Nikiana
Whether you’re an experienced diver or are just trying it out for the first time, Lefkas Diving Centre is able to offer internationally recognised diving courses, which teach you diving techniques, take you out to the open waters and let you dive freely around the impressive Lefkas coastline. Nautilus Diving Club in Nydri also offers diving experiences and certified courses. Their experiences range from a session of 4/5 hours to courses lasting a few days.

Visit the island of Meganissi
Take a small ferry boat from Nydri harbour over to Meganissi for the day and explore its three traditional villages. The island is much smaller than Lefkada and has a population of about 2000 permanent residents. Once on the island it is possible to hire a bike and explore on two wheels, cycling from one village to the next and making the most of the impressive scenery and the local tavernas and bars!

Visit the Elusive Egremni Beach
Located on the West Coast of the island, Egremni is a 2km stretch of white sand and cobalt blue waters and can either be accessed by boat from Vasiliki or Nydri. Usually you can also access the beach by descending 350 steps which take you down to the sand, however the steps are currently undergoing restoration! Safety first... The seclusion and views from this beach will be worth the effort it takes to reach this elusive destination!

Take a walk around the Dimosari Waterfalls
Nestled into the hills and forests above the coastal village of Nydri, the Dimosari waterfalls are a haven of beauty and tranquillity. Put on your most comfortable shoes and spend the morning walking around and exploring this impressive landscape. The waterfalls form small pools among the rocks on the hillside, so take your swimming costume or trunks with you as you may be tempted to take a dip in the warm weather!

Explore the Gramaphone and Radio museum
Tucked behind the busy streets of Lefkada Town you will find this charming museum and collection of gramophones and radios. A lot of care has been taken to ensure these classic machines are kept in good condition, so look out for a sign on the main high street in the town indicating the museum and have fun looking at these beautiful items.

Papanikolis Sea Cave, Meganissi
This cave is the second largest cave in Greece and is believed to have been the hideaway for the Papanikolis submarine during the Second World War. The cave can only be reached by boat, which can be rented from Nydri on the mainland or from Sivota in the south of the island.

Go Dolphin spotting...!
Just onto the mainland in Preveza you will find a company offering eco-cruises that guarantee dolphin and sea-turtle sightings. The team will take you out on their boat and around the Ionian Islands searching for this beautiful animals. Make sure to take your camera with you and learn about the conservation of dolphins and their habitats during your trip!

Look out for Bee-Eaters
Look out for Bee-Eaters
Among the wide variety of wildlife on the island, the gloriously colourful European bee-eater can also be spotted during the summer months. This bird has a beautifully vibrant plumage whose behaviour is fascinating to watch is you are lucky enough to spot one. They nest underground or in soft cliff walls, and despite their name, eat a variety of bugs, butterflies and beetles, as well as bees, of course!

Try the local dishes
Although we can buy ‘Greek’ produce in the UK, there is never anything as good as the real thing. Wherever possible, choose local and traditional dishes and sample the produce grown on the island. Seek out some deep fried feta cheese drizzled with honey as a starter, or try fresh tzatziki with fresh bread as a mid-afternoon snack.

Take the ferry to Kefalonia...
Kefalonia is an island of dramatic mountains, thickly forested hillsides, pale golden beaches and a cobalt coloured sea and only one hour away by boat. You can go with your car or go as a foot passenger. We recommend taking the car as although the island is small, you will be able to make much better use of the time if you can jump in a car to explore as many of the traditional villages and sandy beaches as possible!

Visit the Folklore Museum in Karya
Established as a tribute to Maria Koutsochero, this small museum showcases her unique embroidery technique, taught to young girls of Lefkas when Maria lost her hand in an accident. This intricate stitch was developed over 100 years ago and was conceived to show the cultural tradition of the region and the island’s beauty.

The Castle of Aghia Mavra
Although a lot of the ancient ruins on the island have been destroyed over the years by earthquakes, one of the structures still standing is the Castle of Aghia Mavra. These ruins are located at the entrance to Lefkada Town in the north of the island and sits beside the beautifully natural lagoon. It was built in 1300 by Ioannis Orsini when he bought the island of Lefkas as a wedding gift for his bride and was primarily constructed as a first defence against invaders and pirates during the 14th Century.

The Faneromeni Monastery
Spend an afternoon exploring the Faneromeni Monastery, which is the only monastery currently in operation on the island. Each year, a festival is held here 50 days after Easter and a market is set up along the roadside. It is located near the village of Frini in the North of the island and from its position atop a hill there are wonderful views over Lefkada Town and across the sea to the mainland.

Spend a day on Ithaca
Ithaca, the second smallest of all the islands in the Ionian Sea (the smallest being Paxos) is well known around the world from Homer's epic poems "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" and his central hero Ulysses. You can catch the ferry from Vasiliki or from Nydri, which takes around an hour, and spend the day exploring this historic island full of tradition, legend and myth!

Visit the arechelogical museum in Lefkada Town
Located on the outskirts of the old town, Lefkada’s Archeological Museum has four rooms exhibiting historic artefacts from the island such as tools, weaponry and traditional costumes. Visitors can also learn about customs and culture on the island from the Palaeolithic times till the late Roman years. Spend a couple of hours learning about the history of Lefkada and then head around the bay for a coffee on the sea front overlooking the lagoon.

Bird watch at the Lefkada lagoons
The two lagoons that border Lefkada Town’s northern coastline, Divari and Ivaria, are an incredible habitat for many varieties of flora and fauna. The abundance of long light rushes and grasses provide the perfect shelter for many birds throughout the year, whilst some migratory breeds only arrive during the warm summer months. One special visitor are the pink flamingos, which use the waters for feeding between May and August while the weather is at its warmest. Other breeds you may spot at these sea lakes are cormorants, herons, swans and white egrets.

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