Verde Azur
Great things to do near Verde Azur
Play Golf !
This really is an excellent course, the oldest and currently one of only half a dozen in all of Greece! We have the British to thank for this, for it was created during the time of the British occupation of the Island. You’ll find the golf course close to Ermones on the Ropa Valley.

Visit Mouse Island Pontikinissi
What a lovely way to spend a half day, take a trip out to the Kanoni peninsula and enjoy a coffee on the waterfront café there, next to the Vlahernon monastery, which is also an Island, but has been connected to the Kanoni Peninsular by a small causeway. It's from this small causeway that you take the regular boat crossing over to Pontikinissi about a 5 minute boat trip away. Don’t forget your swimming gear, as you can easily have a lovely swim here.

Visit the White House in Kalami
Home to the Durrell family back in the 40’s, whilst Lawrence wrote his novel, ‘Prospero’s Cell’, and where Gerald “created” his novel, ‘My Family And Other Animals’ – both a “must read” before heading off on holiday to Corfu.

Go for lunch over on Vidos Island
Vidos Island used to house an ancient Venetian fortress, later turned into the Corfu ‘Alcatraz’! Now, it is simply a wonderfully tranquil spot to go for a walk, a quiet swim and a perfect setting for lunch – with the beautiful view of Corfu town and its fortresses in front of you. You catch the boats for Vidos in the car park at the old port, which you will find situated in front of the new fortress.

Take Corfu Town’s little train
For a fabulous view of all the best landmarks. A chance to rest your feet after a hard morning of sight-seeing! The little train leaves from the Liston every day, practically “on the hour”. This is great fun for all the family, and should not be missed.

Visit the Achileon Palace
Built in the late 19th century, for Sissy (Elisabeth), the empress of Austria. This beautiful palace has wonderful gardens, excellent views and is well worth a visit. You will find it well signposted, and is close to the village of Gastouri, heading south from Corfu town.

For those who would like to know more about the cuisine here on Corfu
Try Bourdetto, one of the many local dishes created here on Corfu. Bourdetto is a spicy fish stew made from freshly caught scorpion fish. Be warned though, you have to eat this dish with your fingers and a lot of bread for the salsa (sauce), as it is a very bony fish, and is far too fiddly to try to eat with a knife and fork, so eat it the local way!.

A 'must do' on anyone's list is to experience the 'volta”
In any town or large village, especially on a weekend or holiday, the inhabitants of the town will congregate in the main square in the early evening, to have a stroll around, talk to their friends, have an aperitif or ice cream, before dispersing for dinner. It is the perfect time to people watch!

Visit Mon Repos
A visit to Mon Repos is well worthwhile. A Royal mansion, with huge gardens, fountains, ancient trees and plants. Also famed for being the birthplace of Prince Philip. Mon Repos is only a 20 minute walk from the centre of the old town of Corfu, at the start of the Kanoni peninsula.

Go hill walking along the many trails
The Spartillas to Ano Perithia via Mount Pantokrator is one of our favourites. Through the hills to the highest peak on the Island and visit the deserted hillside village of Ano Perithea for a delightful lunch in one of the 4 tavernas there along the way. Remember your camera!

Visit another country - Albania!
There are organised day trips to this fascinating country. It is well worth the trip, to experience the culture of a country that is still completely un-commercialised. You can purchase tickets directly from the Ionian cruises office in the old harbour in Corfu town.

Walk along the Liston
and after having selected your café, and waited for a seat, enjoy the atmosphere and take your time, as the children run around the esplanade and the locals parade their newly purchased clothes. This is the place to people watch. The coffees may be a little bit more expensive than in other parts, but the entertainment comes free of charge!

Step back in time and visit Old Perithia
Old Perithia (gr. Palaia Peritheia) is a deserted village. It is located high up, off the main road between Kassiopi and Acharavi. It is strange driving in the mountains, coming across this deserted village with a few sheep and a couple of Tavernas in the middle! Even more interesting, walking around just wondering about those who used to live here. At one time 1,500 people lived in the village, now just 6 people remain tending the local flocks and looking after livestock.

The summit of Mount Pantokrator,
is a definite must to visit. Choose a clear day and drive to the top (you can cycle but it is so much easier driving!). It may be hot down in the valley but you will definitely feel the difference in temperature at the top! As you drive up, note the amazing changes in landscape.

Ornithologists will know about the bird watching area at the Korission lake, where you can see several different species of wading birds, amongst others.

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