Casa Moledo
Great things to do near Casa Moledo
Spend an evening on Moledo beach......
and watch the beautiful sunsets, either from its pristine sands or from a terrace of one of the smart coffee bars that lie just behind the waterfront.

Take the train from Moledo to Viana do Castelo....
Travel along the scenic railway line then explore the beautiful city of Viana do Castelo. The historical centre is mostly pedestrianised and is where most of the best buildings and shops are to be found. Take the elevator up to the Basilica of Santa Luzia which was inspired by the Sacré Coeur in Paris. From the basilica there are spectacular views of the city and the beach.

Visit the Convento San Payo at Vila Nova de Cerveira
A fascinating place that combines art with nature. The main building is packed with works and the extensive gardens are scattered with interesting sculptures. The views from the gardens down to the River Minho are spectacular and the woods next to the convent make the ideal place for a picnic or leisurely stroll. Opening hours vary throughout the year so it’s best to check the website:

Visit the tiny harbour at Vila Praia de Âncora
and for a gastronomic feast, be sure to buy some of the fresh fish you will see being landed there to cook on your barbecue back home at Casa Moledo.

Explore the River Âncora
You’ll find a variety of river beaches and stunning natural pools along the river. These renowned beauty spots are within easy reach and they make an exciting change from swimming in the pool.

Go for a walk
There is a huge variety of great walks that can be taken in the area. Some are waymarked and others are not but if you enjoy exploring on foot then you’ll be in paradise. If you happen to pass a bookshop, the Sunflower walking guide to Northern Portugal comes recommended.

Head to the beach
Such is the wealth of beaches nearby, you are spoilt for choice. The beach at Vila Praia de Âncora is particularly popular with families as parts of it are more sheltered, making it ideal for youngsters.

Spend a day in Ponte de Lima, one of Portugal's oldest towns
Spreading lazily along the tree-line banks of the river Lima, this is a beautiful town with fine buildings and pretty cobbled squares. Visit on a Monday morning and you may be fortunate enough to witness the local market, which is held on the sandy river beach every other week.

Try Ponte de Lima’s culinary specialty
Arroz de Sarrabulho is rice cooked in pig’s blood. This is then served with an astonishing array of meaty offcuts, not for the faint hearted!

See Ponte de Lima on two wheels
Hire bikes from the nautical club in Ponte de Lima and follow the Ecovia which runs parallel to the Lima River.

Go bird watching
The confluence of the Minho and Coura rivers creates a unique habitat for wildlife. This protected area is made up of reed beds, riparian forest, salt marshes, mudflats and marshy wetland, making it excellent for bird watching.

Nothing but nature in the National Park of Peneda-Gerês
Drive for miles through the, largely undiscovered, beautiful mountain scenery of this stunning area of natural beauty. Whilst you are unlikely to meet another car, watch out for the mountain goats, who have right of way!

Take a boat trip
The Insua Taxi Boat offers trips to Insua Fort, trips along the River Minho and other fun activities such as banana boating. They are based at the Port in Caminha by Foz Beach.

Check out the art
Vila Nova de Cerveira is world renowned for its biennial arts festival which has taken place every other year since 1978. Don’t worry if you do not happen to be visiting during the official festival itself, since the festival’s inception the town has become a hub of artistic activity and you’ll find many works dotted throughout the ancient streets creating a wonderful juxtaposition between old and new.

Explore the Serra d’Arga
In this area of outstanding natural beauty, you’ll find waterfalls, natural pools and a wide range of fabulous walking routes offering spectacular views.

Watch the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean
Enjoy a drink on the roof terrace at Bar Paredão 476 at Moledo Beach. 476 Avenida 25 de Abril, Moledo Beach

For fantastic views over the historic port of Viana do Castelo
take the funicular to the church of Santa Luzia. If you do not suffer from vertigo, climb the dome and look out from the very very top. Then head into the town and wander around the fascinating embroidery shops for which the town is famous.

Hire surfboards
at the beach of Afife and spend a day in the water on this fantastic stretch of unspoilt coastline, a much sought after spot for keen surfers.

Visit the charming fortress town of Valença
Travel through the ancient archway in the impressive city walls to discover a myriad of cobbled streets and a delightful range of local shops selling the beautifully embroidered towels and linen for which the town is famous.

Shop for ceramics
in the colourful market in Barcelos. Taking place every Thursday in Campo da República (also known as "Campo da Feira"), it is the largest market in Portugal and one of the largest in all of Europe. You’ll be sure to find the 'Galo de Barcelos', the small cockerel which is the town’s emblem.

Go to the opera
in July, when the Ponte de Lima Summer Festival of Opera and Classical Music is held, something that is fast becoming one of Europe's top cultural events. Performances take place in several venues throughout the town including historic manor houses, local churches and the Teatro Diogo Bernardes, a 19th century theatre in the historic centre.

Go to the museum
A small municipal museum is located on Travessa do Tribunal in the centre of Caminha in the same building as the Municipal Library.

Visit the charming fortress town of Valença
Travel through the ancient archway in the impressive city walls to discover a myriad of cobbled streets and a delightful range of local shops selling the beautifully embroidered towels and linen for which the town is famous.

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