Great things to do near Nereus
Go to the beach!
Filiatro is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Backed by olive groves, this pebble beach has exotic blue green waters. It is a short drive from Vathy. There is a taverna on the beach.

Take a boat trip from Vathy
and visit the fabulous secluded beach of Gidaki, which can only be reached by boat or by foot. Hiking paths lead from here across the island to small villages and ancient remains. Afterwards, take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters before returning to Vathy. Sun beds and umbrellas are available to hire and there is a taverna.

Visit the Monastery of Kathara
otherwise known as Panagia Kathariotissa. It is located on the highest sport on Ithaca and the views from here are spectacular, taking in the Ionian Sea.

A fantastic way to discover the delights of the sea on an organised dive. Odyssey Diving Club run organised excursions from Vathy.

Kioni village
On the north side of the island and surrounded by lush green hillsides, this gem is considered to be one of the most picturesque spots, with gorgeous translucent blue green waters.

Visit Rizes Cave
A natural cave hidden within trees just beyond the village of Perachori. Local legend suggests that this might be Eumaisos’ cave, the shepherd who helped Odysseus when he returned to Ithaca.

Anogi Village
Once one of the most important villages on the island, and certainly one of the oldest, dating back to medieval times, this now almost deserted village is famous for its prehistoric monuments, known as Menir. Among these impressive rocks with bizarre shapes, Arakli is the most famous which is 8 metres high and stands east of Anogi. Its strange shape and the symmetrical furrows on its surface give the impression that this is a work of art.

Ample opportunities to enjoy this pastime are to be had from the many beaches on the island.

Visit the Naval and Folklore museum in Vathy
And learn more of the great folk traditions and culture of the island, along with the history of their seafaring heritage. Open July and August, mornings only, except Mondays. It is just off Geor Drakouli street.

Perachori village
The villa is situated on the slopes of Mount Petaleilo, 3 kms from Vathy. Given its altitude (240 metres above sea level) it offers gorgeous views towards the capital. Lying in one of the most fertile parts of the island, it is an important farming village and also well known for its wine production. The annual wine festival is held each August.

Sea Kayaking
With its rocky coastline, secluded bays and pebble beaches, exploring in a sea kayak is the ideal way to get to know this stunning island. Organised trips are available or you can hire your kayaks and do it at your own pace.

Polis Beach
Is 2 kilometres from Stavros. Boat hire is available here to enable exploration of the stunning coast and secluded beaches. On the north side is Loizos cave, once a place of worship for various gods.

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