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Visit Chania
Chania is the capital of the Prefecture of the same name and the second biggest town in Crete, with a population of 60.000 inhabitants. Chania is one of the nicest towns of Crete with wonderful houses, parks and squares. The old city has preserved the charm of the Venetian and Turkish periods. Entire Venetian, Turkish and Jewish quarters are saved, with many well preserved buildings in the narrow picturesque streets. On Leather Lane near the harbour selling all kinds and qualities of leather goods and a really interesting indoor covered market Chania Town is worth a visit just for the shopping. The harbour is beautiful with an old mosque providing interesting architecture. Museums from the Naval Museum to the Byzantine Museum there is something for everyone. Restaurants and Taverna`s Surround the harbour and Boats leave from here for 2-3hr trips and you can also catch a horse and buggy. Have a wonder around the back streets, they are mainly pedestrianised and the houses and shops are very Interesting and pretty, with little restaurants and Café`s tucked away in corners - very romantic.

Wine tasting at the Manousakis Winery Vatolakos
The Manousakis Winery is the culmination of the dream and passion of founder Theodore Manousakis. Ted, as he is more frequently called, was born in Vatolakkos in 1943, and spent his early childhood years in the village until the age of 11. For reasons much beyond his control and much too complex for a young boy to understand, he left his home to find a better future in the far away “Promised Land”, America. Following his university education in the U.S., he entered business and was successful in a number of business endeavours including industrial security, real estate development, and hotels. Meanwhile, he assimilated in the great melting pot of the world, America, and nearly forgot his native language and Cretan traditions. Yet during the years away from his native village he always yearned to return home and find his roots; if not permanently, certainly more than as a mere visitor. Wine was a way of life in the village for as long as he could remember from his boyhood years. What a way to pay tribute to and honour the Cretan traditions and way of life, he thought. And, what a wonderful and civilized way to bring people together to enjoy the simple joys of life! The combination of nostalgia or “nostos”, as the ancient Greeks made reference, along with the perfect soil, sun, and weather conditions of Crete were the driving forces behind our first vineyards in the foothills above Vatolakkos. For Ted, the Manousakis Winery represents his roots; his yearning to return, his tradition, his heritage, and, above all, his family. Our logo with the three flowers called “Manousakia” in the Cretan dialect, (from which our name is derived), represents his three daughters. It is only fitting that the inspiration of this symbol is a blending of the beauty and exquisite fragrance of nature and the warmth and comfort of family! Ted Manousakis has his permanent home in Washington, D.C., but the winery remains a family-run business. His youngest daughter, Alexandra, moved to Chania in 2007 following studies at New York University, and now manages the Manousakis Winery. - See more at:

Local gorge walking
Hike and get to know 3 of the most beautiful gorges of the region. Topolia Gorge (1,5 hrs walking), Sirikari Gorge (4hrs walking) and Deliano Gorge (2hrs walking).

Balos Bay and Gramvoussa
Visit the spectacular Gramvoussa penninsula and Balos Bay. Boats leave the port of Kavonisi (Kissamos Kastelli) every day for Balos.

Terra Creta Olive Oil experience Kolymbari
Regular quided tours almost every day near Kolymbari. The quided tour starts from our olive grove and the excellent olive trees of "Koroneiki" variety where a harvesting demo can be seen as well. We continue in our innovative olive mill where all production steps and details are described thoroughly by our experts. The last part is inside our bottling unit, where we can taste more than three different extra virgin olive oils, of different quality category or certification. Little secrets on storage, best use and healthy attributes can be discussed as well. An "olive oil” shop is available in the same place.

Lunch by the sea at the quiet coastal village of Sfinari
West facing rocky shoreline and a choice of small family tavernas. Great for shellfish,fresh fish and local dishes, enjoyed watching the Sun setting over the sea.

Elafonissi Island
At the extreeme south - west corner of Crete you will find the Elafonissi beach and the tiny islet of the same name. wade acreoss the shallow lagoon to the pink tinged shoreline of this remarkable island which is protected by the natura 2000 organisation. In high summer it does get very busy. Best to go as early as you can to beat the crowds!

Kournas Lake
This breath-taking lake is the only one in West Crete, home to some of Crete`s interesting birds and other wildlife and the brilliant aquamarine waters are a wonderful backdrop for a spot of lunch. Afterwards, you can rent pedaloes or a small boat for half an hour and row yourself around the lake, and work up an appetite for supper!

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