Mas du Ciel
Great things to do near Mas du Ciel
Explore Eygalières
Take a stroll from the bottom of the village to the clock tower at the top, passing houses built from the local limestone with carved doors, a number of chapels and the remains of a castle keep. Visit on Friday morning to peruse the market stalls with the locals, and why not finish off with a spot of lunch.

Archaeological Site of Glanum
These Roman ruins near Saint-Rémy date back to about 100BC although it is thought there was a native population here from about 500BC. Around 260AD, the town was destroyed by barbarian invasions but the survivors founded a village nearby that was to become Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. The ruins were uncovered in the early 20th century, and include some superb classical architecture.

Enjoying the great outdoors in the Alpilles
The Alpilles natural park, on your doorstep, is great for walking and mountain biking, as well as more adventurous activities such as climbing, quad biking, canyoning and via ferrata. There is a diverse range of landscape within the park and it is an important habitat for many species of flora and fauna.

Estrine Museum and Van Gogh Interpretation Centre
The 18th century Estrine Hotel in St Rémy was built to house the Princes' Judicature headquarters. Nowadays it houses the Estrine Museum, dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh. Visitors can find out about this exceptional artist, who lived in Saint-Rémy for a year, and his influence on 20th and 21st century art. The museum's permanent collection also includes work by other artists such as Bernard Buffet and Albert Gleizes, and there are two or three temporary exhibitions a year.

Local gardens to visit
Garden lovers will no doubt wish to visit 'Les Sentiers de l'Abondance' in Eygalières, landscaped gardens with a focus on aromatic and medicinal plants, and 'Le Jardin d'Alcinoos' in St Rémy, a private botanical garden dotted with artworks and scultures.

This gorgeous medieval village, which features on the 'Most Beautiful Villages in France' list, should definitely also be on your sightseeing to-do list! Set on a rocky plateau, there are superb views on a clear day down to Arles and the Camargue. There is some beautiful architecture to see, but also just a lovely atmosphere of an authentic Provencal village with pleasant terrace cafés and art galleries to browse.

Carrières de Lumières
This former quarry has been converted into a multimedia centre, where still and moving images are projected onto all the walls and floors, offering a truly immersive experience! There are usually at least two shows to choose from, often exploring and showcasing the work of a visual artist, for example Picasso and Van Gogh in 2018.

may like to visit the 'Musée Automobile de Provence' in Orgon, which traces a century of mechanical history from the bicycle to the car. Includes some lovely old cars and vintage posters etc.

Little Provence
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