Casa do Barral
Great things to do near Casa do Barral
Browse the market stalls
at the colourful Saturday market that takes place in the pretty riverside town of Vila Nova de Cerveira, a short drive from the house.

Have coffee in style!
After shopping, stop off at Vila Nova de Cerveira's fortress pousada for coffee. Many centuries ago the village was given by Dom Sancho 11 as a wedding gift to his wife.

Visit another country - Spain!
Go to Spain via the fast new bridge from Vila Nova de Cerveira to Goyan in Galicia. It'll only take about 20 minutes to reach this delightful corner of Spain, which boasts some splendid beaches and superb seafood restaurants. The town of La Guardia specializes in seafood.

Go for a stroll
Wander the nearby woods, fields and lanes.

Explore the charming fortress town of Valenca
on the border and only a short drive north of the house. Drive through the ancient archway that leads the way through the impressive town walls to discover cobbled streets and a delightful range of local shops selling the beautifully embroidered towels and linen for which the town is famous.

Witness a local 'feste' (festival) in the harbour of Vila Praia de Ancora
on the 20th August when the fishermen take their Saint 'Senhora da Agonia' out to sea an ask for her blessing upon their fishing nets and their boats for their sons who earn a living at the sea.

Hire surfboards
at the beach of Afife and spend a day in the water on this fantastic stretch of unspoilt coastline, a much sought after spot for keen surfers.

Visit the tiny harbour of Vila Praia de Ancora
For a gastronomic feast, be sure to buy some of the fresh fish you will see being landed there to cook on your barbecue at home

Spend an evening in one of the waterfront restaurants in Vila Praia de Ancora
and watch the surfboarders with the rosy sun setting on the horizon behind them.

Spend a day lazing on the sands
on the beach of the chic coastal village of Moledo. When you feel the need for some refreshment, a number a smart snack bars lie just behind the beach and form the ideal setting for having a drink whilst looking out to sea and watching the world go by.

Peneda-Geres National Park
Whilst exploring the very north of the region, be sure to visit the Peneda-Geres National Park, an area of stunning natural beauty.

For fantastic views over the historic port of Viana do Castelo
take the funicular to the church of Santa Luzia. If you do not suffer from vertigo, climb the dome and look out from the very very top.

Spend a day in Ponte de Lima, one of Portugal's oldest towns
Spreading lazily along the tree-line banks of the river Lima, this is a beautiful town, with fine buildings and pretty cobbled squares. Visit on a Monday morning and you may be fortunate enough to witness the local market, which is held on the sandy river beach every other week.

Go to the opera
in July, when the Ponte de Lima Summer Festival of Opera and Classical Music is held, something that is fast becoming one of Europe's top cultural events. Performances take place in several venues including historic manor houses, local churches and the Teatro Diogo Bernardes, a 19th century theatre in Ponte de Lima.

Play golf
at the challenging 18 hole course Ponte de Lima.

Set aside a day to visit the World Heritage city of Oporto
Visit the Planetarium to plot some of those stars you have been watching. Walk down the steep higgledy-piggledy, tiny streets that tumble down to the river Douro. Cross the iron bridge built by Monsieur Eiffel. Visit the port caves to try that famous drink. Then rest your feet and take the Open Top Tour bus for a fabulous view of all the best landmarks.

Visit the port wine lodges
at Vila Nova de Gaia, just the other side of the Douro river from Porto. There are numerous lodges here, including Taylors, Sandeman's and Grahams.

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