La Brisée
Great things to do near La Brisée
Relax by the pool at La Brisée,
sit on the covered terrace, or simply take in the view across to the Forest of Gresigné. It is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

Spend the morning at one of the local markets,
a great experience for everyone. Castelnau has a summer market on Tuesdays, Gaillac on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays and St Antonin Noble Val has a good Saturday morning market.

If you like paintings and museums,
visit the beautiful red brick towns of Montauban, where you will find the Ingres Museum, and Albi, where you will find the Toulouse-Lautrec museum amongst other places of interest, including some good restaurants.

Follow the country lane from La Brisée
and explore the Forest of Gresigné. There are beautiful walks and trails and the wildlife and wild flowers are stunning. If you are lucky you may even spot a wild boar!

Sip an aperitif at the Petit Creux Bar
high up in the village square in the beautiful bastide village of Puycelci and watch the sunset.

After the morning market in Castelnau,
have a leisurely lunch at the Hotel Des Consuls in the medieval Place des Arcades in the middle of the village. The set menu costs only about 12 euros for four courses and wine and is simple but always tasty.

Jardins de Martel
South of Rabastens on the D12, this is something for all garden lovers. Nine acres of garden containing over 2500 varieties of plants from all over the world.

Join the local villagers
to celebrate at one of the many local fetes in the summer. Puycelci has a Paella festival in July and Castelnau has three days of entertainment in August. There is something for everyone and the whole community comes to join in.

The stable on the Route de Penne
just outside Bruniquel offers trips through the local countryside on donkeys or in a horse drawn cart.

Visit the old town of Gaillac,
famous for its wine production. Explore the cobbled streets or drink coffee in one of the bars. The square is always bustling especially on Fridays, the main market day. The Tarn river is a breathtaking sight and it is well worth visiting the Abbey and the museums next to the river. The tourist office is also located here and is very informative.

Take the train or car to the elegant "Rose City" of Toulouse.
Experience the beautiful architecture, visit the museums or wander around the shops. Restaurants abound in the main Capital Square and Place Wilson or have a crêpe from one of the stalls in the side streets.

Visit Les Abbatoirs in Toulouse
This art gallery houses over 2,000 pieces of modern and contemporary art from World War II to the present day. Admission is around 7 euros (

Teenagers and children will enjoy a day at the Space Museum
just off the motorway on the way to Toulouse. Here you can tour rockets and experience walking in space or marvel at the observatory.

Explore the old city of Albi,
wander through the cobbled streets and browse in the lovely shops, take a boat trip or visit the cathedral which dominates the city. The salon de thé in the square opposite the Cathedral is well worth a visit.

Visit one of the local vineyards
and sample the fantastic local wines. Gaillac is well known for its red and rose wine. Most vineyards offer tours and tasting.

For the more adventurous,
canoeing at St. Antonin Noble Val is great fun. You can hire boats from EVASION in the centre of town. Take the half-day trip and explore the breathtaking Gorges de l'Aveyron. Stop for a packed lunch in one of the little coves en route.

Tour the local bastide villages.
The most famous is probably Cordes sur Ciel about twenty minutes away - well known for chocolate and lace. It is perched high up on the hilltop with spectacular views. It is well worth the hike up the hill to savour all the little shops and restaurants but there is a bus from the town square at the bottom of the hill for the less able!

Eat an informal family lunch
in the Bistro behind the Ancienne Auberge in Puycelci. In summer there is a lovely terrace outside. For those wanting a more sophisticated meal, the restaurant in the main hotel is superb.

Visit the Chateau de Mauriac just outside Gaillac.
This is a stunning château to tour where the owner displays his sculptures and works of art.

Children will enjoy
a visit to the miniature railway at Gaillac to view the working model trains.

Hire horses for trekking
or take a guided horseback tour or even a lesson at the stables in the Forest of Gresigne.

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