Great things to do near Kiparissi
Go to the beach!
Just a few minutes drive away - and what beaches they are too. Some of the best sandy beaches on the island are to be found right here in Trapezaki and neighbouring Lourdas.

Explore the environs of Argostoli
It’s only a 2km walk to the watermill and swallow holes of Katavothres from the centre of Argostoli – well worth the walk, as apart from the nice views and the interesting geology of the swallow holes, you can also reward yourself for the effort by having a coffee or a light lunch in the taverna where the watermill is located.

Sunset supper!
There is nothing more romantic than a nice fish dinner in Lorranies restaurant down in Lourdas, and why not wash it all down with a nice bottle of chilled white Kefalonian wine?

Try horse riding
There is an excellent established riding school located in the village of Zervata, 4km south of Sami. A truly wonderful experience. Their professional team offer everything from 1-5 hours trips, to camping overnight with barbecue and campfire. For horse riding enthusiasts, this has to be high up on your list of things to do.

Take a drive and explore
Take a drive north, but leave at early o’clock and prepare yourself for a memorable day out. Plan to stop at two of the most beautiful, picturesque villages that you are likely to see - Assos and Fiscardo. Pack your bathing costumes as well, as you are likely to stop for a swim at two of the most amazing beaches as well: Myrtos, with it’s azure blue sea and, if you still have the energy, Antisami, of Captain Corelli fame, is awaiting you on your way back in the late afternoon.

Visit another Island for the day - Ithaca
Ever heard of Homer, the Iliad or the Odyssey? Well, we would recommend that you do some swatting up before you go, as Ithaca is littered with references to the Odyssey. You could visit the cave of Nymphs, or why not simply relax, have a nice lunch in one of the waterfront cafes in Vathi and then drop into one of the many delightful coves for a swim or a nap.

Drive up to the top of Mount Ainos
Yes, you can drive all the way to the top – save your energy for taking photographs and taking in the panoramic views. You may even spot the elusive and extremely endangered wild ponies. Please let us know if you do, as I’ve yet to spot them.

Snake festival - 15th August
On the biggest festival day of the year in Greece, the festival of Saint Maria, the most bizarre goings on take place in a village called Markopoulo. The story goes that Nuns once begged the Virgin Mary to turn them into snakes during a raid, and ever since, snakes are brought out to slither around the icons of the church in Markopoulo on this day. Many people consider this festival as a good “luck festival” and by touching or kissing the snakes, you are going to have a lucky year!

If the weather is too wet or too hot for you,
then hide in the caves of Drogarati. These wonderful caves can be found a couple of kilometres south of Sami, and the stalagmites and stalactites here are truly amazing. The cave is actually quite big, and makes for some stunning photographs – remember your cardy though, as it can be quite cool down there.

Local "Gentilini" winery
Visit the Gentilini winery near to the airport. Here you can find out all about the local Robola wine, as well as sample the only Greek wine to hit the top 100 fine wines of the world - the Gentilini 'classico' - a fine crisp, white wine.

Drogarati caves
Although they have deservedly become a serious attraction on the Island, it’s never so busy that you have to spend much time waiting to see them. We recommend that you try to arrive there either early(ish) morning or late afternoon, so as to be sure to avoid any bus party that may be visiting the caves as part of their Island tour. The Stalagmites and Stalactites are well worth the effort of driving here.

Try Kefalonia meat pie
The Greeks love their pies, and the Kefalonians have taken it one step further in producing this nourishing dish. Everyone has their own “secret” recipe, so we are unable to tell you exactly what’s in it, but it is filo pastry stuffed with minced pork meat and rice – along with the secret recipe of spices and sauce. It is delicious.

Go for a drive in the countryside and soak up the views.
Stop when you feel like it, wander around a village and have a leisurely lunch somewhere.

Relax on the sun terrace with a glass of wine.
Catch up on all the books you have been meaning to read for ages or take a dip in the pool

Spend the day in Fiscardo
In the extreme north of the Island, Fiscardo has something for everyone in the group. Roman ruins, an extremely pretty harbour front, great tavernas and restautrants, excellent boutiques and a couple of delightful small bays for an afternoon dip nearby.

A must-do on any list is to shop!
Spend a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday in Argostoli (the only days when the shops are open in the evenings) and shop till you drop along the pedestrianised street, Lithostroto, and round it all off with dinner in the main square amongst the locals.

St George's Castle offers magnificent views.
The historic capital of Kefalonia - a great place to wander around and explore. There are many alley-ways, along with a wonderful old church and monastery with ancient icons on display. Afterwards, why not stop for a coffee or lunch there - the service and the quality of the taverna there is excellent.

Korgialenios museum
No trip to Argostoli would be complete without visiting this excellent museum of Kefalonias’s turbulent and varied past. As you may know, Kefalonia has been through many wars and under many dominions, namely the Normands, Venetians, Turks, Russians, French and the English, before becoming reunited with it’s mother Greece back in 1864. This excellent museum takes us back through all these periods of time. Well worth a look.

Spend the afternoon at Myrtos Beach.
We say afternoon, because this is when the sun is shining fully on the beach, and you’ll enjoy the amazing experience of bathing in one of the most glorious beaches in all of Europe. Myrtos has regularly been voted amongst the top 5 beaches in Europe over the past few years, and we are sure that you’ll be endorsing this bold claim.

Take a trip to the aqua marine waters of Melissani cave and lake
We should entitle this “not to be missed”. Melissani cave and lake is simply stunning. Please don’t leave it out of your holiday plans. It is truly amazing – the colours and the eerie atmosphere is something you will never forget, and it’s something you are unlikely to experience in many other places throughout the world.

Visit Mounda beach and contribute some change to the turtle rescue fund
And an extremely worthwhile cause indeed. We, like the Kefalonia locals, are extremely proud of the fact that the “Caretta caretta” continue to use these unspoilt beaches in the south of the Island to nest their eggs. As one would hope and expect, these beaches are protected and are supervised to ensure that the eggs are not disturbed by the invasion of sun umbrellas and beach barbecues that can often be found on such stunningly beautiful beaches.

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