Casa Aréas
Great things to do near Casa Aréas
Relax on the terrace
Take breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea and beach and the lovely views to the islands in the distance. Sttle back there in the evening to watch the sunset as you relax and sample the local 'Albariño'.

Practice your breaststroke and crawl
in the lovely pool at Casa Areas. Great for those swimming enthusiasts who enjoy an early morning dip - or at any time of the day!

Stroll down to the beach
in Galicia there are plenty of beaches of all types for you to discover. One of the prettiest is on your doorstep - a short stroll from the house to Limens beach - a perfect way to spend a fun day.

For a really special Sunday lunch
order a fish stew (cocido) from nearby restaurant Casa Broullon. Work up your appetite by walking to the restaurant along the beach. Or try one of their tasty 'empanadas' for a midweek special treat.

Visit the market in Cangas
a large and colourful affair where you'll found an amazing choice of fresh vegetables, cheeses and even octopus!

Take a boat trip from O Grove along the sheltered Ría de Arousa.
The calm waters of the Ría provide the perfect conditions for the cultivation of mussels and oysters and Galicia is the second largest producer in the world. The Ría is also a resting place for migrating birds en route from Africa to Northern Europe and the coast here is a protected zone for them. You'll even get to sample the fresh mussels on board

Not far away via the motorway and well worth a visit. Walk along the Marina promenade, tour the grounds of the Monterreal Castle, visit the replica of La Pinta (which brought the news of the discovery of the New World to Baiona). Explore the old town or make your way up to the Virgen of La Roca statue and admire the views. Not to mention the excellent restaurants - find time to stop for lunch!

Wend your way to the preserved fishing village of Combarro
on the Ria de Pontevedra to see the famous view of its horreos (grain stores) lined up in perfect formation right on the water's edge. A delightful village, now preserved as a National Heritage Centre.

Take the ferry from Cangas over to Vigo
for a spot of retail therapy. You can buy almost anything in Vigo from one of the four main shopping areas all within easy reach of each other. Visit the Basket Weavers Street where hand made baskets have been produced and sold for decades.

The Morrazo peninsular is great for walking enthusiasts. From Cabo Udra you can walk along the coast to Cabo Home, or head into the hills and follow the 'Walk of the Mills' or the 'Ruta de los Pazos' which passes through quaint villages with old country houses and the traditional 'horreos' and crosses so typical of these parts.

Pontevedra, Galicia's smallest provincial capital
is a laid back and peaceful town and the old part is probable the most beautiful and best preserved in Galicia. The Zona Monumental contains many noteworthy buildings of historical interest and is well worth a visit. And while you're here try some lunch-time tapas in the Plaza de la Leña - delicious!

Watch the beautiful sunset
from the tip of Cabo Home, and feel like you are on the edge of the world.

The fish auction in Bueu is one of the best in the region.
Be there for the afternoon arrival of the catch at 5 pm. Then cook the fresh fish on your barbecue as the sun sets over the ria. The localy-caught Galician fish is possibly the tastiest you will find in the world!

Take a ferry to the Cies Islands,
(you can board one at Cangas) It's now a National Park and you can enjoy a lazy day on the fabulous beaches of fine white sand. Or walk through the sand dunes to sweet-smelling eucalyptus groves, watch for rare species of birds and then enjoy a meal in the islands' restaurant.

Wine Museum - visit one of Spain's oldest in Cambados.
All you need to know about cultivation, history and processing of the Albariño wine. Combine with a visit to a bodega - there are many on the roads around Cambados to your north or alternatively in Tui towards the Portuguese border. (A tour lasts about an hour.)

Hop over to Portugal for a day.
Drive over the old iron bridge (built by Gustave Eiffel) to the Portuguese walled town of Valença, a quaint and picturesque place with lovely views over to Tui. There are many linen shops here and you may find some of the best cotton sheets you can buy anywhere!

The jewel of Galicia where, for more than 1000 years, pilgrims have gathered from all over Europe. Visit the impressive cathedral, the Plaza del Obradoiro and the old pilgrims' hospital, now a luxurious Parador. If you don't go anywhere else you must visit Santiago - it's not to be missed!

Spend a day in La Toja,
home to a 'Balneario' of spas and thermal waters. Take the bridge over to the island to take the waters, renowned for their healing effects on the skin. Buy some of the toiletries made with the local minerals in the little shop on the island, which also serves as a fascinating museum. There's a craft market to browse around and a casino too.

Tui is a pretty border town on the edge of the Minho River.
Dating from Roman times, and one of the seven ancient capitals of Galicia, the town has much worthwhile architecture scattered through its narrow, granite lanes. If you find the Clares Convent be sure to buy some of the almond cakes made by the nuns who live there.

Stop in Hio to see the elaborate cross
a true work of art, crafted from a single piece of stone and famous throughout Galicia. Such crosses are to be found on nearly every crossroads and village in the area but Hio's is the best.

The monastery at Poio, near Pontevedra
A fascinating and atmospheric monastery officially declared to be of historic and artistic interest dating from the year 942 or possibly even earlier. It has a interesting library containing the smallest book in the World, an impressive mural of mosaic depicting the French road to Santiago and possibly the largest horreo (stone corn store) to be found in Galicia.

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