Punta Bazar
Great things to do near Punta Bazar
Sit back and imagine you are on the edge of the world
whilst relaxing in your garden and enjoying the views over the Atlantic. Watch the sunset over the horizon in the evening while you sip your Albariño.

Take the little road down to the lovely beach at Playa de Area Grande.
Have a snack or quench your thirst in the beach cafe, paddle in the sea or clamber the rocks to hunt for crabs.

Try some hot 'churros con chocolate'
If you're in Baiona in the morning they are freshly made in several of the cafes. A sublime start to the day!

Take a boat trip along the Minho River,
probably the most beautiful of the Galician Rías, and view Spain from one side and Portugal from the other! Tours start from the port at Camposancos.

Climb up to A Groba hill.
11 kms outside Baiona on the road to A Guarda. Wander around the hillside paths between pine and eucalyptus trees where the River Groba flows through and watch the wild horses grazing in the fields beyond.

The ferry over to Portugal is only a short distance from Punta Bazar.
Ferries leave from the port of Camposancos and it's a very pleasant journey over to Caminha where you disembark. Caminha itself is a lovely town with some good restaurants. You could also head south to Praia do Ancora where there are some amazing beaches or north to explore the lovely Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Lovers of walking through beautiful countryside offering spectacular views
should take the opportunity to explore the 'Watermill Route'. The path starts from the Plaza del Calvario in O Rosal and continues for 8 kms passing 36 mills. The stonemasons who built them left interesting carvings of crosses in a bid to keep away the evil spirits and witches.

Tui is a pretty border town on the edge of the Minho River.
Dating from Roman times, and one of the seven ancient capitals of Galicia, the town has much worthwhile architecture scattered through its narrow, granite lanes. If you come across Clares Convent be sure to buy some of the almond cakes made by the nuns who live there.

Rising above A Guarda is Santa Tecla,
a Celtic settlement with over 100 houses, now restored and with a museum and a shrine, one of the best of its type in Galicia. The entry price is very low and the views from the top of the hill over the River Miño towards Portugal and the Atlantic are wonderful.

Walk to Valenca over the iron bridge
It takes just half an hour to cross the bridge (built by Gustave Eiffel) from Tuy to Valenca crossing the River Minho. Valenca is a lovely walled city with interesting buildings and winding streets. It's also now famous for its shops selling bright towels and all types of linen - you might have to go back again with your car!

Tour the grounds of the medieval Castillo de Monterreal in Baiona
surrounded by the mighty walls built between the 11th and 17th centuries. There is a small charge for entrance but it is well worth the visit for the beautiful views and the amazing sunsets over the Ria.

In 1493 a ship called the Pinta made its way into Baiona port
to announce the discovery of the New World. You can visit a replica of the vessel in Baiona Harbour decked out as it was in the days of Christopher Columbus, with models of the crew, native Americans and even the exotic animals of the newly discovered land.

Stay in Baiona for an early evening stroll
along the seafront there. You can contemplate the bay or watch the boats arriving in the Marina. The promendade is more than 5 kms long so you might feel the need to stop for a cool glass of local wine in one of the cafés which line the street opposite.

Nearby Monte Aloia was declared a National Park
in 1935 and was the first to be declared as such in Galicia with archeological remains dating back to prehistoric times. It lies just to the north of Tui. It has some fast flowing streams lined by ancient mills and walks through beautiful wooded landscape too.

Head for the surf!
You can hire surfboards at the beach of Afife just to the south of Praia de Ancora and spend a day in the water on this fantastic stretch of unspoilt coastline, a much sought after spot for keen surfers. Or head north to Playa Patos where the soft sand and views to the Cies Islands are an added bonus.

Take a ferry from Baiona to the Cies Islands,
now a National Park, to enjoy a lazy day on the fabulous beaches of fine white sand. Or walk through the sand dunes to sweet-smelling eucalyptus groves, watch for rare species of birds or enjoy a meal in the islands' restaurant. These islands are a must.

On the way back to A Guarda from Baiona stop off in Oia
a little fishing village where the houses are clustered around the former abbey of Santa María la Real. Built between 1195 and 1230 its bold facade faces proudly out to sea.

Gondomar is famous in Galicia for its ''rosquillas'
a sweet delicacy similar to a doughnut - and on the first Sunday in July you try as many as you want in the 'Fiesta de Rosquillas'. The Gondomar Valley is a tranquil haven that produces a wine known as Val Miñor. Pick up a bottle or two in Gondomar town and whilst there, pay a visit to the enormous Gondomar Manor House dating from the 16 century. Gondomar is a good place to buy wickerwork too. The town is 8 kms to the east of Baiona.

Follow the wine route.
Starting in A Guarda follow the road along the bank of the Miño towards Tui, and you'll pass through O Rosal, situated in a valley with a perfect climate for all types of fruit and vegetables as well as grapes. Signs on the road will indicate the bodegas you can visit to taste or buy the wine.

Explore the regional capital Vigo,
the second largest fishing port in the world. Soak up the atmosphere of the cobbled streets around the Rua Pescaderia and walk through the adjacent park to capture some amazing views of the Ria. And eating out is an excellent reason to visit Vigo - from every kind of seafood to the local special pies, empanadas, you'll find something for all tastes here.

Pontevedra lies on the Pilgrim's route
from Portugal to Santiago and the old part is probably the most beautiful and best preserved in Galicia. The Zona Monumental contains many noteworthy buildings of historical interest and is well worth a visit. Much of the city is now pedestrianised, so pick up a map and a walking route from the tourist office for a step-by-step sightseer's guide.

Make time to visit Santiago
because a trip to Santiago is a must! The jewel of Galicia where, for more than 1000 years, pilgrims have gathered from all over Europe. Visit the impressive cathedral, the Plaza del Obradoiro and the old pilgrims' hospital, now a luxurious Parador. It'll take a liitle over an hour and a half via the motorway.

Go potty!
Pay a visit to the gallery displaying Sargadelos ceramics in Pontevedra or Vigo. With exceptionally attractive figurines, plates and jewellery of a design unique to this part of Galicia you will find it hard to resist bringing home a piece! There's also a shop in Baiona.

Put on your walking shoes and get some of that good sea air!
Set out straight from the house for a walk along by the sea - right beside the Atlantic.

Challenge the children to a game of basketball
on your very own court.

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