O Bergando
Great things to do near O Bergando
Wander round the the large gardens
and feel like the Lord of the Manor. You'll forget all about the 21st century!

River beaches
Very close to your house are some lovely river beaches in Chan, Pozo Negro and Xesteira where there is swimming, picnic areas and children's play equipment all in wooded and beautiful countryside. You will find more river beaches along the Verdugo River which passes through Ponte Caldelas, the best of which is called 'A Calzada'

Pop in to your local village store
You'll find a myriad of items for sale in this amazingly well-stocked little village shop and a it's a great place to make friends with the locals too.

Nearby Ponte Caldelas is an attractive riverside town
with some fine examples of Galician manor houses, known locally as 'Pazos'. Stroll along the banks of the Verdugo river or relax awhile on the river beach there. Stay for lunch too - trout from the river is a local speciality.

Spend half a day on horseback
on a horseriding expedition organised by a local riding centre. Treks through beautiful countryside for all the family, including beginners.

Pontevedra lies on the Pilgrim's route from Portugal to Santiago
and the old part is probably the most beautiful and best preserved in Galicia. The Zona Monumental contains many noteworthy buildings of historical interest and is well worth a visit. Much of the city is now pedestrianised, so pick up a map and a walking route from the tourist office for a step-by-step sightseer's guide.

Star gazing
In neaby Cotobade an observatory has now opened offering an amazing opportunity to watch the stars through a giant telescope in an un-lightpolluted environment.

Galicia's camelia route
Early or late season is the time to catch the best of Galicia's famous Camelias which grow throughout the length of Galicia from La Coruña down to Vigo and especially around the Rias Baixas. There are several historic country houses with beautifully landscaped gardens where you can marvel at their beauty. The closest is the Pazo de Oca near La Estrada.

Go West.... to La Toja, home to a 'Balneario' of spas and thermal waters
Take the bridge over to the island to take the waters, renowned for their healing effects on the skin. Buy some of the toiletries made with the local minerals in the little shop on the island, which also serves as a fascinating museum. Try to visit the artesan market too.

Anyone for fishing
Choose from an exciting all day sea fishing trip from one of the seaside ports or a peaceful day spotting trout on the banks of one of the nearby clear water rivers.

If you would like to see a bull ring, take the opportunity whilst visiting Pontevedra - Galicia's only bull ring is here and the tradition of bull fighting is still strong.

Wild horses from the mountains
near this area are rounded up in a grand festival of 'La Rapa das Bestas' - the Capture of the Beasts which takes place in A Estrada over several days of the first weekend in July. The stockbreeders gather to tame, brand and groom the animals following a tradition dating back to the 16th century.

Ons Island on the Pontevedra Ria,
presents contrasting coastlines - craggy rocks to the West with steep cliffs and caves, and fine white sandy beaches to the East. During summer months boats leave from many of the mainland towns - the journey lasts around 40 minutes.

Pontevedra is not only a feast to the eyes
but also the taste buds! Try some Iberian pork, some delicious Spanish cheeses or the unforgettable home smoked salmon from the Meson area situated behind the Town Hall.

A trip to Santiago is obligatory!
The jewel of Galicia where, for more than 1000 years, pilgrims have gathered from all over Europe. Visit the impressive cathedral, the Plaza del Obradoiro and the old pilgrims' hospital, now a luxurious Parador. And 2010 is the Year of St. James so there are special events held all year round

Follow the Albariño wine tour,
'The wine of the sea', as far as the fishing village of Combarro. The Rias Baixas produce one of the finest white wines in Spain and you can often buy fresh local produce in little stores which will be unique to the area.

The nearby town of A Cañiza is famous for its excellent hams.
Jamón Serrano is produced in the hills of A Cañiza, and is said to be unbeatable in quality. Each year, on 15 August, the product is celebrated by making a 5 metre long sandwich, which is led in a procession to the main square, cut up and offered to the public.

A trip to Vigo is well worthwhile
- visit the old town with its streets of oysters and basket sellers, have a shopping spree in any of four different shopping centres, and take in the museum which has around 300,000 square metres of parkland surrounding it. Sample some of the best sea food available in Europe in the many tapas bars and restaurants of Vigo, much of which is uniquely bred in the local Rias. Try the oysters, delicious with a glass of the local Ribeiro wine!

If you are a keen walker the area around O Bergando is a real treat! Several walks of varying lengths and ability levels pass either through or near the villlage.

Windsurfers should head for La Lanzada beach
between Sanxenxo and O Grove. A spectacular beach, backed by sand dunes, from where you can still see the ruins of an old tower-fortress which was once part of the defense system of Santiago de Compostela

Wild horses
Throughout the countryside behind the Rias Baixas horses roam freely for most of the year. However, they are rounded up annually during an event known as 'La Rapa das Bestas' - the Capture of the Beasts - which takes place in A Estrada over several days of the first weekend in July. The stockbreeders gather to tame, brand and groom the animals, following a tradition dating back to the 16th century.

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