Villa Serena
Great things to do near Villa Serena
Enjoy the pool
- it is one of the largest pools in our programme (15m x 9m), so there is plenty of space to swim and splash around. Or, if you don't fancy the pool, have a game of tennis or basketball on the courts in the grounds of the property.

Take a stroll along the country lane into Campiglia
for lunch or dinner at the local trattoria.

The towers of San Gimignano can be seen in the distance from Villa Serena.
It is only 13km away so spend a morning or afternoon strolling through this beautiful little town. Go early or late and you will avoid the coaches that come throughout the day. Visit the famous ice cream shop in the main square and spot the celebrities in the photos on the walls.

The nearest town to Villa Serena, Colle Val d'Elsa,
has two parts: the working town at the bottom of the hill, and the old walled village on the hillside. The old village has beautiful stone houses and cobbled streets, and is famous for its crystal glass production.

If you are driving into Florence, follow signs to Piazzale Michelangelo.
Not only will you find free parking in this square, it is also the spot where you will have the most fantastic view over Florence. A short walk down the hill takes you to the Ponte Vecchio, over the river into the heart of Florence. Go early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds!

When in Florence, head for the Piazza San Spirito
if you want somewhere quiet to eat. Cross the Ponte Vecchio and turn right and you will soon arrive in the square. Popular with the locals, there are some good restaurants there, away from the tourist traps!

Read one of the many novels about 'Life in Tuscany'
and the places mentioned will mean so much more to you once you have visited them!

A 'must do' on anyone's list is to experience the 'passeggiata'.
In any town or large village, especially on a weekend or holiday, the inhabitants will congregate in the main square in the early evening, to promenade around, talk to their friends, have an aperitif or ice cream, before dispersing for dinner. It is the perfect time to people watch!

The Cities
Catch the bus from the local town, Colle di Val d'Elsa, to Florence - an hour on an 8am journey, or to Siena - beautiful and easy to find restaurants. If you want to watch a football match in either city - ID is essential for all wanting a ticket. Don't forget - much of Italian life takes Monday off in summer so museums etc all closed.

The weekly open-air market is part of Italian life.
Stalls laden with produce, scents and smells filling the air, and a crowd of Italians - finish the morning's shopping with a coffee in a bar. Go to Colle Val d'Elsa on Friday morning, and San Gimignano on Thursday and Saturday.

Shop at the market for some fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, salami, and bread
and then come home to have a leisurely al fresco lunch, followed by a siesta.

Any of the tourist offices will be able to provide you with a map and suggested wine itineraries to follow.
You are in Chianti - home to some of the best wine in the world.

Go out for an ice cream
- children will love the 'gelateria' or Italian ice cream shop. Mounds of different flavoured ice creams fill the counters - it will take them ages to decide which one to have.

If you have a late flight back from Pisa,
spend the day wandering around the town. Visit the Tower (you can climb up it now), the Duomo, the main piazza with its beautiful frescoed buildings - a perfect way to end the holiday.

The Chianti wine festival is a fantastic event.
Held in the small village of Montespertoli, between the 30th May and 6th June, it is the first chance for the public to try this year's vintage and is a celebration of this famous Italian wine.

Follow the S68 westwards from Campiglia and you will soon reach Volterra
- a beautiful Etruscan town and one of the hidden jewels of Tuscany.

Have a drive around and marvel at the stunning scenery
- every turn in the road brings a new discovery! The S222 and S429 in Chianti are worth investigating.

Have a meal at Le Grazie
Fantastic food and service. From reasonably priced pizzas to quality Tuscan food. Only five minutes from the villa.

Siena is a short drive away
- a must do on anyone's list. Note that the Palio takes place on July 2 and August 16 - they are either days to avoid or days to visit! Narrow streets lined with cafes and shops lead to the heart of the town - the unique Piazza del Campo, the shell shaped slanting square - a perfect place for a coffee.

Do absolutely nothing except laze around the pool.

Or soak up the view from Villa Serena - you will not want to leave.

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