Great things to do near Markandoni
Fish Buffet at Captain Jerrys
Sea front - Katelios. We stayed at Villa Markandoni and can definitely recommend the Wednesday night fish buffet at Capt Jerrys, ....swordfish, tuna , calamari, etc. Brilliant value for money too !! Yum. Most of the house whites on the island are great too !I Would also recommend the wine tasting of the Robola wines at the Robola winery -excellent !!

Explore the Environs of Katavothres
It's only a 2km walk to the watermill and swallow holes of Katavothres for beautiful views and the interesting geology of the swallow hole. Reward yourself for your efforts by having a coffee or a light lunch in the watermill's taverna.

Get to see the capital of Kefalonia with a marathon shop!
Spend a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday in Argostoli (the only days when the shops are open in the evenings) and shop 'til you drop along the pedestrian street, Lithostroto, and round it all off with dinner amongst the locals in the main square.

Visit Another Island for the Day - Lefkas
Well, not exactly an island, although the locals claim that it is (it's attached to the mainland by a very narrow thread of land). This is serious windsurfing territory, those of you that have heard of Club Vass will find their paradise here, but if you are not the windsurfing type, there are plenty of other attractions to seek out on this mountainous and beautiful 'island'

Try Dolphin Watching
Take an organised day trip over to the Onassis Islands close to Lefkas As well as having a great day out, there's a more than excellent chance of spotting dolphins and porpoises.

Drogarati Caves
These have deservedly become a popular attraction on the island but you rarely have to wait too long for admission. We recommend that you arrive either early morning or late afternoon, so as to be sure to avoid any bus party groups that may be visiting. The stalagmites and stalactites are fantastic.

The Ionian Sea is one of the cleanest in Europe so get your snorkel and fins out and head off down to the sea. We recommend Alaties, as not only is it quiet, beautiful, clean and mesmerising, it also has a wonderful taverna nearby to satisfy your lunch requirements...

Local Gentilini Winery
Visit the Gentilini winery near to the airport. Here you can find out all about the local Robola wine, as well as sample the only Greek wine to hit the top 100 fine wines of the world.

Antisami - What a Beach!
A great beach used as a backdrop for much of the Captain Corelli movie. Remarkably it has remained little changed over the years, still unspoilt it is difficult to get to, best to go on foot, but the scenery is worth the walk!

Experiment with preparing and enjoying your own “ouzo meze”
There are many different brands of Ouzo, the most popular ones are made on the Island of Lesvos. There are also many different shapes of bottle. We recommend that you buy the one that you like the look of best, as the tastes are all fairly similar. As for the “meze” part, traditionally, this is a small platter that is made up from bits and pieces that are either left over from a previous meal, or small pieces “stolen” whilst cooking a meal for someone else! Enjoy and yammas!

Snake Festival - 15th August
On the biggest festival day of the year in Greece, the festival of Saint Maria, the most bizarre goings on take place in a village called Markopoulo. The story goes that Nuns once begged the Virgin Mary to turn them into snakes during a raid, and ever since, snakes are brought out to slither around the icons of the church in Markopoulo on this day, and many people consider this festival as a good luck festival and by touching or kissing the snakes, you are going to have a lucky year!

The Monastery of Saint Gerasimos
The patron saint of Kefalonia. When his body was exhumed two years after his death in 1579, it was found not to have decomposed. Since his death, many miracles have taken place in the village around the monastery, which is why he was declared a saint.

Korgialenios Museum
No trip to Argostoli would be complete without visiting this excellent museum of Kefalonia's turbulent and varied past. As you may know, Kefalonia has been through many wars and under many dominions, namely the Normands, Venetians, Turks, Russians, French and the English, before becoming reunited with mother Greece back in 1864. This excellent museum takes you back through all these periods of time.

Take a Trip to the Monastery of Theotokos on Mount Atros
The oldest monastery on Kefalonia, you have to climb a little to reach this beautiful vantage point high above Poros, but it's well worth the effort. The beaches and tavernas of Poros are waiting for you once you come back down again.

Go to Olympia for the Day
This is the fabulous venue where the very first ancient Olympics were held. You will have to take the ferry boat over to either Patras or Kylini on the mainland to visit Olympia, and although it's a long day out, it's worth it. The ferry trip itself is very pleasant indeed with plenty of sun bathing space on deck.

The Ionian Sea is one of the cleanest in Europe so get your snorkel and fins out and head off down to the sea. We recommend Alaties, as not only is it quiet, beautiful, clean and mesmerising, it also has a wonderful taverna nearby to satisfy your lunch requirements...

Try Horse Riding
There is an excellent established riding school located in the village of Zervata, 4km south of Sami. Their experienced team offers everything from 1-5 hours trips, to camping overnight with barbecue and campfire.

Walk across the Drapano Bridge In Argostoli
this famous bridge/causeway was built back in 1813, and now that it is a car free zone, it has become a popular haunt for an evening volta (Greek terminology for an evening stroll), and perfect for adding to your photo library - as the views back towards Argostoli are wonderful. Buy a small fishing line before you go and try to catch your lunch like the locals do! (small handheld fishing lines cost only a couple of euros).

Walk up to the Venetian Castle in Assos
- as the Sun Goes Down A very romantic experience, but please be aware that it is a fairly rigorous walk up, but the views and the atmosphere at sunset are something that you will want to witness again and again.

FNEC It stands for the Fiscardo Nautical and Environmental Club
who do a grand job protecting the rare and endangered monk seal that swims in the waters around Fiscardo, as well as offering information to anyone who may be interested in the marine life of the Ionian Sea.

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