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Preparing Your Own Ouzo Meze
There are many different brands of ouzo, the most popular ones are made on the island of Lesvos. Bottles come in all shapes and sizes so we suggest that you buy the one that you like the look of best, as the tastes are all similar. As for the meze part, traditionally, this is a small platter that is made up from bits and pieces that are either left over from a previous meal, or small pieces 'stolen' whilst cooking a meal for someone else!

If the Weather is too Hot or too Wet...
...then seek refuge in the Caves of Drogarati. These wonderful caves can be found a couple of kilometres south of Sami, and the stalagmites and stalactites here are truly amazing. The cave is actually quite big, and makes for some wonderful photographs - take a jacket though, as it can be quite cool down there

Try Kefalonia Meat Pie
The Greeks love their pies, and the Kefalonians have taken it one step further in producing this nourishing dish. Everyone has their own 'secret' recipe, so we are unable to tell you exactly what's in it, but it is filo pastry stuffed with minced pork meat & rice - along with an undisclosed mixture of spices and sauce. Delicious! 7.

Dine in Style in Agia Efimia
in what many people describe as the best taverna on the island, Paradise. Yes, that's the name of the taverna. You'll find it as you leave Agia Efimia, keeping the sea on your right hand side - just beyond the Gonatas Hotel.

Walk Across the Drapano Bridge
and watch the fishermen catch their lunch. You'll be rewarded with beautiful views of Argostoli on the way back. Stop off at the new trendy eaterie "Lathokolla", just off the main square, which serves up cheap and cheerful meat dishes like souvlaki, kebabs, and delicious kotosouvli, a Kefalonian speciality, served on brown paper tablecloths!

Read Captain Corelli's Mandolin
And then try to visit all the places mentioned within this splendid Louis de Bernieres novel.

Take a Trip
to the aquamarine waters of Melissani Cave. We should entitle this 'not to be missed'. Melissani Cave with its lake is simply stunning: the colours and eerie atmosphere is something you will never forget.

Walk up to the Venetian castle in Assos
- as the sun goes down. A very romantic experience, but please be aware that it is a fairly rigorous walk up. The views and the atmosphere at sunset are something that you will want to witness again and again.

Spend the afternoon at Myrtos beach
We suggest afternoon, because this is when the sun is shining fully on the beach, and you'll enjoy the amazing experience of bathing at one of the most glorious beaches. Myrtos has regularly been voted amongst the top 5 beaches in Europe over the past few years, and we are sure that you will endorse this bold claim.

Visit another island for the day - Lefkas
Well, not exactly an island, although many locals say that it is (it's attached to the mainland by a very narrow thread of land). This is serious windsurfing territory, those of you that have heard of Club Vass will find their paradise here, but if you are not the windsurfing type, then there are plenty of other attractions to seek out on this mountainous and beautiful 'island'!

Argostoli back streets - explore a little...
For retail therapy, the pedestrian Lithostrato offers a wonderful selection of shops offering everything from local produce to stylish leather shoes. Plenty of local cafes for refreshment and the Orthodox church of St. Spiridon and Catholic church always have their doors open. ( Make it Tuesday, Thursday or Fridays in the evenings when all the shops are open!)

Island-Hop for the Day - Zakynthos
Another island, not so far away from Kefalonia, but it could be at the other end of the world, such is the contrast between these beautiful islands. Take the daily ferry over from the port of Pessada for the 90 minute crossing to Skinari, in the north of Zakynthos, and from there you could take another boat trip to the amazing ship-wreck beach, or go for a sightseeing tour before catching the evening ferry back.

Wine-Lovers rejoice!
With 8 different wineries to choose from, Kefalonia is a wine conossieurs delight. Metaxas winery is 12 kms from the villa in Mavrata, so close enough to spend an afternoon stocking up for the holiday and then deciding which ones to take home! Compare them with the other famous wineries such as Gentilini and Robola Co-operative!

Aim for the Top!
Drive up to St George's castle above the village of Peratata, in the middle of the island as the views are magnificent, and the little taverna up there is highly recommended. The question is how did they get the building materials up there so high? The taverna is open until 3pm daily.

A bit of a mouthful in both senses!
Visit any Zaxaroplastio for a sweet pastry! This complicated word denotes popular pastry shops that have a large array of tiny, sticky, confections, using filo pastry, nuts, honey, figs and raisins, some cakes ooze chocolate - naughty but niceā€¦!

Marvel at ancient Tetris: the Cyclopean Walls
Dating from 1,500BC, this ramshackle wall stretches from Argostoli harbour 5km away, and is comprised of incredibly huge stones hoisted neatly together like a three-dimensional game of Tetris played by a giant. The evocative name springs from the fact that when later generations came across the immense wall, they believed it had been built by the one-eyed giants, the Cyclops.

To the ends of the world?
The Monastery of Kipouria (Moni Kipoureon) on the Paliki peninsula, near Lixouri (15km) has unforgettable sunsets. The magnificent position of the monastery itself is located at the western side of the island of Kefalonia, overhanging a cliff that crashes into the Ionian, and makes you feel as if the end of the world was beneath your feet. Founded in 1750, it is also known as the "veranda of the Ionian". There is a tour given by a solitary monk who still lives there, an unforgettable experience

Heading: Climb the black mountain: Mount Ainos
More intrepid adventurers can drive to the gates of Mount Ainos national park, and then hike to the peak for a picnic. Despite being the third highest mountain in Greece at 1632 metres, this is an easy climb with a comfortable track and lots of footpaths in good condition thanks to the shepherds who walk with their flocks over the mountain. It takes about three hours to make the ascent, and you're likely to see some of the 20 or so rare wild horses that roam the countryside here. Keen wildlife spotters will also see raptors such as buzzards and owls, the vast rare Griffon vultures, and various types of falcon. In fact, over 50% of Greek bird species favour this mountaintop, great for bird-spotters or just nature lovers you'll also be able to enjoy views over the whole island on clear days

Spook yourself out at the Mazarakata tombs
Between the villages of Lakythra and Metaxata visit the eerie Mazarakata tombs and wander among the ancient graves where wildflowers bloom in colourful abundance. Excavated mainly by Kefalonian archaeologist Panayotis Kavvadias in 1908, the burial chambers had been filled with decorative clay pots, tiles, glassware and gold plates, which are now housed in the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli. Today all that remains are the tombs themselves, where you can clamber and explore as you choose. It's a remarkably tranquil area, and the ideal place to spend a few hours with a sketchpad imagining the ancient civilisation that created it.

Sea kayaking
Discover the beauty of the seascapes around the island on a sea-kayak, with one of the many tours available. Follow the coastline and travel through unique caves and rock formations, past limestone cliffs and remote beaches, whilst enjoying a relaxing glide in the crystal-clear waters

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