Casa Mariola
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Take your trainers on holiday...
The area around Las Breñas is great walking territory - from nearby Femés there's a circular walk to Yaiza, or from Playa Blanca you can walk along the coast in either direction, choosing from either little coves or the rugged coastline full of inlets where the sea crashes against the rocks in spectacular fashion.

The perfect day....
Take a picnic and spend a day snorkelling and lazing on one of the beautiful coves at Papagayo, then round off the evening with a delicious fish dinner by the sea in the little town of El Golfo. The fish will have been freshly caught that day.

Tour the local bodegas
Not far from Casa Mariola is the valley of La Geria, heart of Lanzarote's wine growing area. The vines are planted idividually in little hollows in the volcanic soil - very labour intensive but the end product is worth it - a crisp Malvasia wine which has been exported to Europe for centuries

Stroll around Yaiza
- a beautiful and tranquil village that has won prizes for 'the loveliest village in Spain'. With its pristinely-kept square, 17th century church of Nuestro Señora de los Remedios, wonderful well-kept gardens, intriguing souvenir shops and tapas bars, it's a real gem.

The chic and stylish Marina Rubicon
at Playa Blanca is surrounded by little lanes with designer and tax free shops, restaurants overlooking the sea and a delightful promenade 'El Paseo'. The marina is the place to go to try your hand at sailing or to take a day trip on a luxury yacht from which you can go snorkelling or just lie back and soak up the sun.

Walk up Playa Blanca's very own volcano
Montaña Roja, the Red Mountain, lies off the coastal path and is an easy climb of around 4 kms. From the top you'll have great views over Playa Blanca and you can walk into and around the crater too.

Teguise market
A not to be missed shopping sensation, this market attracts visitors from all over the island. You can buy practically anything here as the sleepy little town of Teguise is transformed by hundreds of stalls every Sunday.

Enjoy a meandering drive around the rugged coast
near Las Breñas to see the bright green lake of El Golfo and the bubbling waters of 'Los Hervideros' two interesting phenomena formed by the weathering of the volcanic rock. Continue to the Salinas de Janubio, where salt is still extracted from the sea water.

Go island hopping
Curiosity may persuade you to take a boat over to Fuerteventura which you can see clearly from Playa Blanca. Some boats do the journey in just 20 minutes! You can find excursions which stop off in the tiny islet of Los Lobos on the way. Los Lobos is a protected nature reserve with some lovely beaches and a great spot for nature lovers.

Timanfaya National Park
The number one attraction on the island, this national park still has active volcanoes and you will see demonstrations which prove just how hot the earth is! A bus tour shows you the amazing but eerie result of the last volcanic eruption from 1730-36, with craters, colourful molten lava flows and ash - a landscape little changed over the intervening years. For a close up view book a free guided walk around one of the two routes in the park (bookable 48 hours in advance)

After touring the national park
Have a leisurely lunch in their restaurant "El Diablo", where food is cooked using geothermal heat in an outdoor barbecue.

Pop in to Omar Sharif's house
Near Teguise in the village of Oasis de Nazaret is the former house of actor Omar Sharif. He so admired Cesar Manrique's house that he had one built for himself, but lost if a few days later in a card game. Built into the side of a cliff, it is now a recommended restaurant, museum and tourist attraction with guided tours of the house available in English.

Eat wrinkly potatoes
You will see 'Papas Arrugadas' on every menu! Tasty locally grown potatoes which were traditionally cooked in seawater, now just sea salt, and then baked to produce a salty wrinkly skin. They are served with two types of sauce called 'mojo' a tasty green sauce and a spicy red one. Delicious!

Touch a sea cucumber....
in the aquarium at Costa Teguise. There are special 'touching pools' for children with starfish and sea urchins too. See the fish up close through special magnified viewing bubbles and watch the sharks swim above your head!

Take a BBQ cruise
Two afternoons a week a boat excursion for a maximum of 12 people leaves from the harbour at Playa Blanca cruising along the coast to Papagayo.. You can take a dip from the boat and there are two Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards and a selection of fins and snorkels for guests to use. One of the crew cooks a barbecue with salad and sangria for you to enjoy on board before returning at sunset to Playa Blanca. Tickets from the Touristticket office.

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