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Location, location, location......
Villa Oasis is very centrally situated on the island and many of the best beaches and tourist sites are within easy reach. Not only that, but one of the finest restaurants is in the village, and the views from the house are magnificent!

Pop down the road to Omar Sharif's house
In Oasis de Nazaret is the former house of actor Omar Sharif. He so admired Cesar Manrique's house in a volcanic bubble that he had one built for himself, but lost if a few days later in a card game. Built into the side of a cliff, it is now a recommended restaurant with occasional jazz music evenings, a museum and tourist attraction with guided tours of the house available in English.

The greatest and best Sunday market in Lanzarote
is held in Teguise. Tourists and locals alike pack the streets throughout the morning soaking up the atmosphere and browsing the weird and wonderful items for sale on the stalls. Teguise is a normally a quiet, unspoilt little town so it is worth a visit meandering through its lovely streets once the market has finished.

Playa de Famara
One of the closest beaches to Villa Oasis is Playa de Famara, one of the longest and most outstanding beaches on the island. Backed by impressive tall cliffs, Famara on the northwest coast has a welcome cooling breeze in the warm summer months. It's a lovely place for a seaside stroll too, especially as the sun sets in the evening.

For a modern and metropolitan side of Lanzarote
visit Arrecife, the island's capital. Here you will find a lively port city, shaped by its seafaring past. It's a great place for serious shopping and there are also beaches, parks, and promenades with plenty of restaurants and cafes to enjoy.

Timanfaya National Park
The number one attraction on the island, this national park still has active volcanoes and you will see demonstrations which prove just how hot the earth is! A bus tour shows you the amazing but eerie result of the last volcanic eruption from 1730-36, with craters, colourful molten lava flows and ash - a landscape little changed over the intervening years. For a close up view book a free guided walk around one of the two routes in the park (bookable 48 hours in advance)

A drive along the scenic road from Teguise to Orzola will bring you to the pretty village of Haría, one of the greenest spots on the island. On the way you'll pass a mirador with lovely views over the valley of the 1000 palms.

Snorkelling off the coast of Lanzarote
is made easy if you take the guided tours for beginners at Puerto Del Carmen with qualified instructors. Full equipment is supplied for all ages and you can even take home photos of your underworld adventure.

Find time to visit the island of La Graciosa
Ferries leave regularly from Orzola to this incredibly beautiful and laid-back island where there are no tarmacced roads. You can hire a bike to explore the deserted beaches or just relax having a meal at the Meson de La Tierra. It's right on the harbour and meals are served on the shaded terrace overlooking the port and views towards Lanzarote. It has a great atmosphere and excellent food at a reasonable price.

Touch a sea cucumber....
in the aquarium at Costa Teguise. There are special 'touching pools' for children with starfish and sea urchins too. See the fish up close through special magnified viewing bubbles and watch the sharks swim above your head!

Take a tour of the local bodegas
The heart of Lanzarote's wine growing area lies in the Geria valley which stretches from the town of San Bartolome to Uga. The vines are planted individually in little hollows in the volcanic soil - very labour intensive but the end product is worth it - a crisp Malvasia wine which has been exported to Europe for centuries .The oldest bodega in the Canary Islands is the El Grifo in Masdache which dates back to to 1775 and now houses the islands excellent Wine Museum.

A Paradise for bird lovers
can be found at Guinate Tropical Park , in the North East of Lanzarote. This park features waterfalls, lagoons and gardens with more thant 1,300 exotic birds. There are streams, ponds with Koi carp, monkeys, lemurs and walk-through breeding aviaries. It is also home to the Park's unique Penguin Paradise, with a spectacular underwater viewing pool.

Explore El Golfo
On the west side of the island. First visit the salt flats 'Salinas de Janubio' where trapped seawater is harvested to produce excellent sea salt. Then to the nearby ' Los Hervideros' where waves crash against the cliffs with such force it resembles a cauldron of boiling water. After this, stroll along the path to see Charco de los Clicos, or the Green Lagoon, which sits at the back of spectacular beach. The green colour is due to the effects of the algae that live in it, though many believe it is because of the green crystal Olivine stones that are also to be found in the area. Finally, round off your trip with either lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants that line the sea edge in El Golfo.

Surfing and sunsets at La Santa
About a 15 minute drive north from Villa Oasis at La Isleta, there's a sea water lagoon with calm and shallow waters. It's an ideal place to learn windsurfing (you can hire a board locally) and there are lots of areas with soft sand if you'd rather just watch. On the way back stop off at the small village of La Santa, see the spectacular coastline as you wander along the promenade past the harbour then have a meal in one of the restaurants there as you watch the sun go down.

The Virgin of the Volcanoes
Not too far from Villa Oasis is the white washed village of Mancha Blanca, 'White Stain'. It's claim to fame is the little church of Los Dolores to which pilgrims crawl on their hands and knees during the church's main festival on 15th September. During the 6 years of volcanic activity from 1730 desperate villagers took a statue of the Virgin to a nearby volcano and, it is claimed, the eruption miraculously stopped.The church was then built in her honour.

Cuevas de los Verdes
The Cuevas de Los Verdes are part of a 7 km long lava tube formed about 3,000 years ago when the La Corona volcano erupted.A 2km pathway leads through the tunnel which is carefully lit to produce a beautifully atmospheric tour. The caves used to be an excellent place for locals to hide from pirates. Definitely a fascinating place to visit....

Cactus galore
In the Cactus Gardens in Guatiza, not far from Villa Oasis, there are hundreds and hundreds of different weird and wonderful varieties of cactus of all shapes and sizes - one of the best collections in the world. Laid out in beautiful gardens designed by Cesar Manrique, this is a plant lover's paradise. This area is home to the cochineal beetle who live on cactus and whose cultivation provides a red dye.

Great views from the Mirador del Rio
An amazing viewpoint right at the north of the island, looking towards the sea and the island of La Graciosa. High up above sheer cliffs, you'll feel on top of the world!

Wander round Teguise,
the old capital of Lanzarote, one of the oldest and most beautiful towns on the Canary Islands and only a short way from Villa Oasis. Its whitewashed houses, cobbled streets and delightful little squares are enticing, as well as its good choice of restaurants.

Go diving with sharks
on a Wednesday or Friday at the largest aquarium in Costa Teguise. You will have the opportunity of diving with different species, such as a “cat shark” that is nearly two metres in size, a “round stingray”, and one and a half metres long bamboo sharks..

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