Kefalonia, Lefkada & Ithaca

Masks must be worn in shops and supermarkets, cafes, banks etc (in any enclosed area), in taxis and on public transport. If social distancing cannot be practised outdoors, masks must be worn. The Greek authorities have introduced an on the spot fine of €150 per person for non-compliance. 

Supermarkets/Shopping in general
•    It may be necessary to wait outside of some shops and supermarkets for a few minutes as the number of people allowed inside at any given time is limited.  Social distancing must be maintained inside of the shops and there should always be 1.5 metres between shoppers and between shoppers and members of staff.  Masks must be worn whilst inside.
•    Social distancing must be maintained whilst queuing outside with 1.5 to 2 metres between groups.

Beaches – organised with beach clubs
•    A minimum distance of 4 metres must be maintained between individual parasols, each of which will provide shade for two sun loungers at most – this does not apply to families with children.  Loungers under different parasols must be placed at least 1.5 metres apart.  Placing a towel on top of sun loungers is mandatory and considered the responsibility of the user even though staff are required to disinfect sun loungers/chairs after every use.  Additionally, they must regularly disinfect sanitary facilities and post a schedule of that cleaning for official review.
•    Team sports, such as beach volleyball, involving close contact are forbidden.
•    Beach bars and food trucks can serve items in a package and continue to offer take-away services.  Social distancing must be maintained in the bars and cafes and tables are placed 1.5 metres apart.  Alcohol can be sold but cannot be consumed at the bar to prevent overcrowding, and bars have been discouraged from holding any events that may cause overcrowding.

Water sports
•    All equipment is disinfected between customers.  Only members of the same family, or individuals able to maintain a 2m distance between them are allowed on any single piece of equipment, such as a canoe or inflatable ride, at any one time.  

•    Waiters must wear face masks and customers must maintain social distancing, although this varies from 70cm to 1.7 metres depending on the establishment.  A maximum of 6 people, not including children, are allowed to sit at one table, so larger groups may be spread over a few tables.  
•    Customers are encouraged to dine on the outdoor terraces, although indoor dining rooms are open as usual.
•    Electronic payment is preferred and hand sanitising gel is available for customers use at the cash registers.  Information signs are in place to remind people of individual hygiene rules and of safety measures applying to all spaces.

•    Ferries are operating at limited capacity, 60 or 65% depending on whether cabins are available.  Passengers are required to fill in a health questionnaire and have their temperature taken before travelling.  Social distancing has to be maintained onboard and masks must be worn at all times (including on the outdoor deck areas). The fine of €150 per person for non-compliance is also applicable on the ferries. The number of people allowed in each cabin is also limited to 2 individuals or 4 people if they are from the same family.
•    The numbers of passengers allowed to travel in hire cars is limited at the moment.  Cars with up to five places can take the driver and two passengers and those with 6-7 seats can take the driver plus three passengers, but children are not included in these numbers.  As the restrictions are due to be updated, so it is best to ask individual car hire companies to confirm their policies.
•    Taxis with up to 5 seats can carry no more than 3 passengers plus the driver and the front passenger seat has to be empty.  However, children under 18 years of age are not included in the number and companions of people with disabilities are exempt from the rule.  The driver and passengers must all wear masks.
•    All tourist buses are allowed to operate at up to 50% capacity.  Passengers must wear masks and hand sanitising gel is available at the entrance.  On special open-air tourist buses, at stops passengers will only be allowed to embark after all those getting off have done so.

•    Live performances are being held in outdoor venues although these have a reduced capacity as social distancing must be maintained.
•    Outdoor cinema is also operating as usual but with reduced capacity to cater for social distancing.  Masks are optional for the audience but masks and gloves must be worn by staff.  Organisers encourage electronic payments.
•    Museums are also open, but again with limited capacity.  Visitors are encouraged to wear masks and make use of hand sanitising gel and social distancing must be maintained.  Again, electronic payment is encouraged.