Villas in Greece

Located in some of the most appealing corners of the country, our villas in Greece, each one carefully chosen, all offer something distinctive.

Many of our villas in Crete have that timeless appeal of being within walking distance of beaches and traditional tavernas. In fact, one of Greece's most magnificent beaches, Balos Lagoon, is found right on Crete’s doorstep. Our Peloponnese villas are surrounded by olive groves and delightful landscapes, while our villas in Corfu are tucked away above pretty coves, unspoilt villages or close to beaches and lakes.

Our villas in Kefalonia are very popular thanks to its stunning scenic coastline and sweeping beaches. Just across the water, the eye-catching topography and gentle charisma of Ithaca never fails to charm visitors. Some of the best beaches and sailing in Europe can be found in Lefkada. And of course all our villas have private swimming pools.

No matter what you are searching for on a holiday, Greece really does deliver the goods. Relax on the soft, sandy beaches, enjoy the picturesque views, eat delicious Greek dishes and discover the history of this fascinating country.

You can enjoy all this from the luxury of your own private handpicked villa. Take a plunge in the pool, cook delicious locally caught fish in the fully kitted out kitchen, cool down with air-con and keep in touch with friends and family with the WiFi! For more information about villa holidays in Greece, get in touch with us at Vintage Travel today.


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About Greece

Tucked in the southeastern corner of Europe, Greece is a mosaic of ancient history, sun-kissed islands, and captivating landscapes. Bounded by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas, this nation has been a crossroad of civilizations, leaving behind a legacy that has shaped the Western world. From its legendary myths to the echoing ruins of antiquity, every corner of Greece tells a tale of gods, heroes, and time-honoured traditions.

Ancient Marvels:

Greece's historical footprints resonate deeply in its architectural marvels and ancient ruins. While Athens boasts the iconic Acropolis, the island of Crete hides the ancient secrets of the
Minoan palace of Knossos.

Culinary Delights:

Greek cuisine is a symphony of freshness and zest. Think of enjoying a warm spanakopita or moussaka with a backdrop of the Ionian Sea. And what's a Greek meal without a glass of local wine or ouzo, promising a true taste of the Mediterranean?

Majestic Landscapes:

The Peloponnese, with its rugged terrains, offers a stark contrast to the tranquil beaches of Corfu and Kefalonia. Crete, with its diverse topography, ranges from sun-kissed shores to towering peaks, encapsulating the essence of Greece in one island.

Architectural Splendour:

Beyond the ancient remnants, regions like Corfu unveil a tapestry of Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman architecture. The blend of historical influences gives these places a unique architectural texture, making them a delight for history and art enthusiasts alike.

Festive Traditions:

While Greece is renowned for its Orthodox Christian traditions and grand Easter celebrations, islands like Corfu and Kefalonia have their own local festivals, brimming with traditional music, dance, and gastronomic delights.

The Regions of Greece

If you're contemplating where to plant your roots during your holiday, here's a glimpse of the regions we've handpicked for our villa offerings:


Tucked away in the Ionian Sea, Meganisi is a small yet enchanting island, away from the buzz of
mainstream tourism. Dotted with quaint villages and pristine beaches, it's a perfect escape for those seeking tranquillity. Ancient olive groves, hidden caves, and friendly tavernas add to its charm. Discover secluded coves and enjoy the serene Mediterranean lifestyle while here. View our villas in Meganisi.


Connected to mainland Greece by a causeway, Lefkada boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the country, with turquoise waters and white sandy shores. Famous beaches like Porto Katsiki and Egremni are a must-visit. The island is also a hub for water sports, especially kitesurfing and windsurfing. Its mountainous landscapes, waterfalls, and traditional villages further enhance its allure. View our villas in Lefkada.


Situated in the northern Ionian Sea, Corfu merges Venetian, French, and British influences with Greek tradition, evident in its architecture, culture, and cuisine. Explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town, with its fortresses and Venetian-style buildings. From its lively beaches in Kavos to the serene bays of Paleokastritsa, Corfu offers a diverse landscape for every traveller. View our villas in Corfu.


The southernmost region of mainland Greece, Peloponnese is rich in history and diverse in its
landscapes. Ancient sites such as Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Olympia are nestled within its territories. Its rugged mountains give way to pristine beaches and lush olive groves. Whether exploring the mediaeval town of Mystras, the Byzantine city of Monemvasia, or the Mani Peninsula's rugged terrain, there's always a chapter of history to uncover. View our villas in Peloponnese.


The largest of the Greek islands, Crete is a mosaic of cultures, landscapes, and myths. From the
legendary Minoan palace of Knossos to the Samariá Gorge's rugged beauty, Crete never ceases to amaze. Enjoy its diverse culinary delights, which are a testament to the island's rich history and fertile land. Crete offers both tranquil beaches and bustling seaside towns, catering to all kinds of travellers. View our villas in Crete.


Nestled in the heart of the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is famous for its cinematic landscapes, having been the backdrop for movies like "Captain Corelli's Mandolin". Its dramatic cliffs, verdant forests, and azure waters paint a picture of paradise. Visit the Melissani Cave, where sunlight illuminates the cave's blue waters, creating a magical atmosphere. The island's charming villages and vibrant marine life make it a top destination. View our villas in Kefalonia.


Starting with Crete, this Mediterranean haven is home to some of Greece's most enchanting beaches. Balos Lagoon stands as a testament to the island's allure, with its calm turquoise waters making it one of the most photographed spots in the country. Perfect for families, the shallow waters are a paradise for young explorers, and the scenic ferry ride there promises sightings of playful dolphins.

Shifting northwest, the historic island of Ithaca offers the tranquillity of Filiatro Beach. Close to the
island's capital, this pebbled beach is enveloped by lush greenery, providing both shade and a peaceful ambiance. It's a location where holidaymakers can soak in serenity, away from the bustling crowds.

Heading to the Peloponnese, Simos presents beach enthusiasts with a dual treat: the expansive Megalos and the cosy Mikros. Separated by a pristine sand trail leading to a prominent dune, they cater to both leisure seekers and adventure enthusiasts. Water sports like windsurfing are aplenty, making it a hotspot for those craving a dash of thrill.

Read our guide to discover more of the best beaches in Greece.

Things To Do

Family-Friendly Activities

For families, the islands offer a plethora of activities. In Crete, dive into the wonders of the ocean at the Cretaquarium, whereas in Corfu, exhilarating water parks promise waves of entertainment. If Lefkas is your base, consider venturing to the mesmerising island of Meganisi. There, a boat adventure through the enigmatic Papanikolis Cave awaits, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.

For family-friendly holidays in Greece, we recommend our villas in: Crete, Corfu and Meganisi.

Exploring Landscapes

Greece is a tapestry of landscapes and historical wonders waiting to be uncovered. Whether it's hiking the rugged terrains of the Peloponnese, delving deep into the caves of Kefalonia, or kayaking through the azure waters of the Aegean, the opportunities for adventure are endless.

For those passionate about trekking, the Samaria Gorge trail outside Chania, nestled in Crete’s pristine White Mountains National Park, is not just one of Greece's prime hiking spots but also ranks among Europe's most breathtaking trekking destinations.

For hiking enthusiasts, we recommend our villas in: Peloponnese, Kefalonia & Crete

Wine & Spirits

Greece boasts an illustrious history in the realm of wine and spirits. Its diverse terrains, from the
sun-kissed islands to its mountainous landscapes, have cultivated a range of unique grape varieties and distinctive production techniques.

In the islands of Crete and Kefalonia, wine traditions run deep. The volcanic soils of Crete produce
aromatic wines, such as the renowned Assyrtiko, recognized for its citrus and mineral undertones.
Meanwhile, Kefalonia offers treasures like the Robola wine, with its crisp acidity and apple notes.

For those seeking a more spirited experience, Ouzo stands out. Distilled from grape remnants and
infused with anise, this iconic Greek drink delivers a pronounced licorice flavour. It encapsulates Greek celebratory culture and is typically relished with an assortment of mezedes.

Then there's Tsipouro, a robust grape brandy often brewed at home, particularly cherished during
communal gatherings in regions like Peloponnese.

For enthusiasts keen on immersing themselves in Greek oenology, vineyards across Crete and Kefalonia welcome visitors for tours. These journeys provide insights into the wine-making process, from vine to bottle, culminating in tastings that encapsulate the essence of Greek terroirs.

For wine-tasting enthusiasts, we recommend our villas in: Crete, Kefalonia & Peloponnese

Delving into History

Greece is a historian's dream.

In the heart of the Peloponnese, the ancient theatre of Epidaurus stands as a testament to Greek
architectural mastery. Built in the 4th century BC, its acoustics remain unmatched, allowing even the faintest whisper from the stage to reach the audience's ears.

Kefalonia, apart from its natural splendour, is steeped in antiquity. The Mycenaean tombs in the region provide a mysterious glimpse into ancient funeral practices.

Lefkada, linked to the myths of Sappho and Odysseus, offers archaeological sites like the ancient city of Nirikos. Its ruins tell stories of ancient battles and the strategic importance of this Ionian island.

Crete, the cradle of Minoan civilization, is home to the renowned Palace of Knossos. Here, the legend of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth comes alive amidst sprawling courtyards and ancient frescoes.

For history and local culture, we recommend our villas in: Crete, Kefalonia & Lefkada

Traditional Food & Drink

Greek cuisine, celebrated for its simplicity and the purity of its ingredients, resonates with the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and the zest of Aegean breezes.

Greek meals often commence with appetisers known as mezedes. Think of tzatziki, a refreshing yoghurt dip infused with cucumber and garlic, or the globally-renowned dolmades—grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs. Olive oil, a golden nectar that graces almost every dish, is often sourced from regions like the Peloponnese, known for its expansive olive groves.

A sojourn to Crete would introduce you to dakos, a delightful concoction of barley rusk layered with
fresh tomatoes, feta, olives, and herbs. This island’s rich soil also blesses its inhabitants with cheeses, such as mizithra, a treat often accompanied by the potent spirit, raki.

In the Ionian islands, like Kefalonia, one can witness a joining of traditional Greek and Italian influences. Here dishes like bourtheto, a spicy fish stew, captures the essence of the region.

Read on for more top foods you must try in Greece.