Sea Crossings

Just as you have taken great care with the selection of your holiday property and destination, we believe that the choice of travel arrangements is equally individual: some may opt for a short hop across the Channel, perhaps taking a few days’ leisurely drive through France; others may prefer the relaxation of a longer crossing, spending one or two nights at sea.

Driving distances

Click here to view tables of approximate mileages from ferry ports to towns near to our properties. The information is based on the route planning facility on, using the mileages given as “Recommended by Michelin”.

Brittany Ferries

Our preferred supplier, Brittany Ferries offers a great choice for travellers to travel in their own car and make the journey part of the holiday. They offer a selection of western Channel routes to France as well as the longer crossings from Plymouth or Portsmouth to Spain.

Choose your preferred Brittany Ferries’ crossing routes then call us 01954 261431. Our staff will be happy to guide you through the options and quote our exclusive discounted rates for your journey.

Brittany Ferries routes to France

Sailing from Portsmouth, Poole and Plymouth, directly to the western Channel ports of Caen, Cherbourg, St Malo and Roscoff,  also to le Havre (économie service).

  • Portsmouth–Caen
    Daily crossings by classic cruise ferry, the Mont St Michel and the Normandie, with daytime and overnight sailings. From Caen, there are excellent road links to the Autoroutes to the south and west.
  • Portsmouth - Cherbourg
    With a journey time of 3 hours on the high speed service – Normandie Express - typical sailings are morning departures from Portsmouth, bringing you in to Cherbourg in time for lunch, with return crossings late afternoon.
  • Poole–Cherbourg
    Cruise ferry the Barfleur makes a more leisurely crossing on this the shortest of Brittany Ferries’ routes. Sailing at weekends from Poole in the morning, you’ll be in France in the early afternoon; return is in the evening, so convenient if driving up from further south in France or Spain.
  • Portsmouth–St Malo
    The longest Channel crossing, sailing direct into Brittany and giving the shortest driving distance to the south-west. The Bretagne, carrying up to 2000 passengers, has excellent dining and shopping facilities and cruises overnight from Portsmouth, with daytime return sailings from St Malo.
  • Plymouth–Roscoff
    Brittany Ferries’ only route to France from Plymouth brings you direct to Brittany on board the Armorique or the Pont-Aven in a 6–8 hour journey, with a choice of daytime and overnight crossings.
  • Portsmouth – Le Havre
    The Portsmouth to Le Havre route is operated by the économie craft Étretat or Baie de Seine, with outbound crossings being overnight and returns departing Le Havre in the evening.

Brittany Ferries routes to Spain

Avoid the stress and hassle of air travel and take your car for the most easy, convenient way to holiday in Spain. Brittany Ferries operates luxurious cruise ferries to Spain with a choice of routes from Portsmouth and Plymouth to Santander and Bilbao. The Cap Finistère (CF) and sister ship Pont-Aven (PA) offer comfortable cabins, stylish lounges and plenty of onboard entertainment including cinemas, children's play areas, swimming pool and a choice of quality restaurants. Brittany Ferries' low cost économie services on board the Étretat and Baie de Seine are ideal for those looking for a cheap, 'no frills' ferry ticket to Spain.

Plymouth – Santander

Cruise to Spain in luxury on Brittany Ferries' flagship cruise ferry, Pont Aven. Taking just 20 hours from Plymouth to Santander, this route is the fastest ferry service to Spain from the UK. Departures from Plymouth are on Sunday afternoons, and by Monday lunchtime, you and your car arrive in Santander for easy access to Northern Spain. Return sailings are on Wednesdays, but for added travel flexibility, mix and match your routes with Portsmouth to Spain ferry route options for the most convenient journey.

Plymouth – Santander

Santander – Plymouth

DEP Sun 1545

ARR Mon 1215

DEP Wed 2115

ARR Thu 1615

Portsmouth – Bilbao

Enjoy a cruise to Spain with Brittany Ferries' Portsmouth to Bilbao ferry route. Portsmouth and Bilbao both offer excellent road links with access to motorways from the ports for an easy, fast onward journey. There are two sailings each way every week; choose your departure day for a relaxing one or two night crossing onboard the luxury cruise ferry Cap Finistère and start your holiday in style!

  • Twice weekly sailings departing Sunday and Wednesday 
  • Travel from Portsmouth to Bilbao in 24 or 32 hours 
  • Start your holiday when you board with a luxury cruise experience

Portsmouth – Bilbao

Bilbao – Portsmouth

DEP Sun 2230

ARR Tue 0745

DEP Tue 1030

ARR Wed 0915

DEP Wed 1200

ARR Thu 1245

DEP Thu 1530

ARR Fri 1415

Portsmouth – Santander

Enjoy a relaxing day and night onboard one of Brittany Ferries' luxury cruise ferries, the Pont Aven or Cap Finistère and your journey really will feel like part of your holiday! There are excellent road links to both Portsmouth and Santander with easy access to the motorway for a convenient fast route to and from the ports. Three sailings from Portsmouth to Santander each week depart late afternoon on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings.

  • Three sailings a week with a choice of departure times available
  • Travel from Portsmouth to Santander in 24-32 hours
  • Your holiday starts onboard with a relaxing, pleasant travel experience

In addition to the luxury cruise ferries Cap Finistère (CF) and Pont Aven (PA), Brittany Ferries has introduced an ‘économie service’, operated by the Baie de Seine, a smaller and slower ship with more limited eating and shopping facilities and ‘no frills’ cabin accommodation.

Portsmouth – Santander

Santander – Portsmouth

DEP Tue 1715

ARR Wed 1815 (PA)

DEP Mon 1515

ARR Tue 1415 (PA)

DEP Fri 1700

ARR Sat 1730 (CF)

DEP Sat 2030

ARR Sun 1945 (CF)

DEP Sat 0845

ARR Sun 1415 (BD)

DEP Sun 1715

ARR Mon 2045 (BD)

On-board accommodation

Air conditioned cabins, two-berth, four-berth with own facilities, the choice varies from ship to ship. On certain routes there are also luxury Commodore Class and de Luxe cabins – these are very popular so book early. The Étretat and Baie de Seine (économie service) have two-berth and four-berth cabins, with ensuite facilities but no carpet. 

There are also some pet friendly cabins on board.  All ships have a range of wheelchair accessible cabins.