About France

We are pleased to feature properties in France’s furthest corners, each region unique in flavour and character. In Brittany, a maritime theme pervades its history, traditions and cuisine, and beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts alike will find themselves spoilt for choice. Across South West France we focus on inland rural charm; rolling swathes of orchards and vineyards punctuated by picturesque well preserved villages and châteaux. In the south east, vistas range from inland Provence’s seductive backdrops of lavender and olive groves, via statuesque mountains and deep gorges, to the golden bays and exclusive marinas of the Côte d'Azur.

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Côte d Azur

French Riviera and Côte d’Azur are virtually interchangeable names for the coastline of the Var and Alpes-Maritimes ‘départements’, a stretch which includes the world famous resorts of Cannes and St Tropez, but also picturesque and timeless villages snugly nestled in breathtaking mountain and coastal scenery. A region very much in the modern age in some senses, but also one that is rooted in and proud of its ancient history, and with a rich cultural heritage to discover.


A land of light, warmth and beauty, Provence awakens all the senses; the scent of lavender, the sound of cicadas in the pine trees, the taste of chilled rosé wine, the warmth of the sun on your back, and a kaleidoscope of colours that have inspired many an artist. This beautiful region in south-east France encompasses diverse landscapes ranging from cultivated vineyards to deep river canyons and dramatic cliffs, not to mention the unique habitat of the Camargue. Days can be spent exploring charming medieval villages, marvelling at Roman remains, admiring art and architecture, sampling the local cuisine, or just simply soaking up the Provençal atmosphere.

South West France

Although South West France covers a large portion of the country, there are some running themes… A well preserved history and a strong culture can be discovered at every turn, with many superb museums and famous historical sites to explore. Spectacular scenery abounds, dominated by powerful rivers in the centre of the country and soaring mountains in the far south, ideal for outdoor pursuits. Last but not least, the verdant and fertile land and ideal climate of this region yields delicious fresh produce and excellent wines to enjoy.


Due to its distinctive character, pleasant climate and proximity to the UK, Brittany has long been a favoured destination for a French villa holiday.

A spectacular coastline of majestic sandy beaches and rugged cliffs encircles Brittany, interspersed with scenic harbours and rocky coves dotted with lighthouses. Traditionally a region of seafarers and fishermen, this influence remains strong to the present day from working fishing ports to yacht marinas and plenty of opportunities to engage in watersports. Inland an equally captivating and varied landscape awaits, of mysterious megalithic sites and wooded river valleys steeped in Arthurian legend: Brocéliande Forest is said to be enchanted and home to Merlin’s tomb and the Lady of the Lake.