Villas great for

  1. Villas with Children's Pools

  2. Most of our rental villas are great for families with children of all ages, and, indeed, they all have a cot and a highchair.

    The following selection includes only villas with either a dedicated children's pool, or a shallow paddling area separated from the main pool.

  3. Village and Town Houses

  4. A stay within walking distance of the heart of a town or village in one of our handpicked properties with a private pool is the perfect way to experience life through the eyes of the local people, whichever country you choose.

  5. Villas with Tennis Court

  6. Are you searching for a villa with a tennis court? We have a selection of villas to rent that have their own private tennis courts. In most cases the courts are full-sized and fenced. Please note that we recommend that you take your own racquets and balls with you. 

    Included in the selection are villas with a padel court instead of a tennis court. Padel is a form of tennis which has been popular in Spain for many years and is becoming increasingly well known elsewhere.  Padel courts are enclosed and about a third the size of a tennis court. 

  7. Villas with a Heated Swimming Pool

  8. All of our properties have a private swimming pool. Those listed here have the added attraction of pool heating, making them a particularly appealing choice for late or early season holidays when the water temperature may be cooler.

  9. Digital Detox

  10. Our busy lives often leave us with no time to go "off-grid" and just live in the moment. Holidays are the ideal time to turn off your devices, leave the screens at home and enjoy some quality time in the company of your family and friends. So relax, de-stress and enjoy our list of villas without WiFi.

  11. Wine Lovers

  12. For those who appreciate wine, here is our choice of the perfect villas for you. They range from properties in the heart of a wine growing region (within a 5km radius), villas surrounded by vineyards, to houses owned by vintners.

  13. Large Villas

  14. If you are looking to book a holiday for a large group why not book one of our large holiday villas with a private pool. At Vintage Travel, we specialise in individually owned villas set in unspoilt corners of Europe. We have a number of villas that sleep 12 or more.

  15. Garden Lovers

  16. All our properties have outdoor space which can range from a courtyard garden at a village house to grounds of over 8 hectares at some of our rural retreats. Here we highlight the villas which we think will appeal to garden lovers.

  17. Villas with Fenced Pools

  18. At Vintage Travel, we only offer villas with private pools. Naturally, safety at our swimming pools is of paramount importance. However, some of our guests with very young children may prefer to book villas with fenced pools.

  19. Villas Near Beaches

  20. At Vintage Travel, we specialise in villas with private pools, located in peaceful locations and unspoilt countryside. Many of our houses are also within easy reach of a gorgeous beach. For those who want to be close to the sea, we have selected those villas situated within 10km of a public beach.

  21. Villas Great for Air Conditioning

  22. Many of our properties have been built in the traditional style, with thick walls and shutters to keep them cool during the hot summer months. In addition, for those seeking more respite from the heat, a number of our villas have air conditioning.

  23. Villas with Large Swimming Pools

  24. At Vintage Travel all our properties have a private swimming pool. Whether you are in training for a triathlon or just a keen swimmer, the following is a selection of our villas with a large swimming pool.  Each of the properties listed has a private swimming pool of at least 12 metres in length. 

  25. Couples & Honeymoons

  26. At Vintage Travel we have a superb selection of private villas suitable for couples, each property having its own private swimming pool. All are set in a perfect location for a romantic holiday or honeymoon.

  27. Villas with Great Views

  28. On holiday, the scene we wake up to is so important, it can be life affirming remaining with us long after we return home. A view is often the first thing you ask us for when you are searching for that perfect spot to spend precious time with the people you love.

  29. Secluded Villas

  30. A villa holiday is the perfect way to take a break from the stresses in our busy lives. We have put together a selection of secluded villas that offer peace and relaxation, set well away from the hustle-bustle with just the sounds of nature for company and of course your own private pool.