About Spain

Our travels have taken us across the length and breadth of Spain's varied regions, over its wide plains and imposing 'sierras', through charming villages, historic cities, and along an extensive coastline of dramatic scenery and hidden coves. It is however the picturesque landscapes and coastlines of Catalunya, Andalucia and Galicia that have captured our attention.

In the north east, by the Mediterranean, the pine-clad hillsides that tumble down into idyllic coves draw 'aficionados' of Catalunya back to its shores time and time again. In the west, it is the Caribbean-like sandy beaches and historic cities that make Galicia such a favoured destination, whilst in the southerly climes of Andalucia the scent of orange blossom wafts through dazzling white 'pueblos blancos' and seemingly endless golden sands line the shores.

Our destinations in Spain

Catalunya could be described as a country within a country; an amazing diversity of landscapes, a people justifiably proud of their language and culture, traditions that date back thousands of years and world renowned gastronomic excellence. Easy access by road, rail and air makes Catalunya an ideal destination for holidays, offering something for everyone; sporting facilities, cultural activities, fascinating places to visit and stunning beaches.

With its long history of power and oppression, the region has no shortage of historical landmarks. Besides the picturesque towns and villages along its beautiful coastline, closer inspection reveals such gems as the Greco/Roman ruins in Empuries, which will transport you back over 2,500 years of history; sleepy, medieval villages, unchanged over the centuries, dot the landscape; and cities such as Barcelona and Girona are steeped in history running through to the 20th Century - the controversial Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, envisioned by Gaudi in the 1880's and still not completed!

Andalucía evokes dazzling white towns, ancient cities, imposing mountain peaks, regiments of olive groves, golden sandy beaches, the scent of orange blossom, a temperate climate and the purest light. From the seemingly endless stretches of golden sand that line the undiscovered Costa de la Luz to the unmissable cities that bear witness to 700 years of Moorish influence, the region boasts a wealth of attractions that will not fail to impress.

Hilltop white villages of snaking narrow streets, hidden inner patios of abundant carnation pots, Islamic arches, formal gardens heavy with the scent of jasmine and orange blossom, breathtaking palaces, and above all, a warm, extrovert people who instinctively create an exuberant street life.

In this north-western pocket of the Spanish mainland lies a rich region of great diversity – a scenic coastline, shaped by fjord-like 'rías', an abundant land of wooded slopes, pretty stone villages and the occasional impressive silhouette of an historic city.

This corner of Galicia is rich and abundant, with its sheltered sandy bays, easily accessible islands of unquestionable beauty, undulating green countryside where life is unhurried and an impressive wealth of historic sites. It is on and around the spectacularly indented coastline of the Rías Baixas, with its wide sweeping bays and sheltered beaches of golden sand, that many of our properties are to be found.