Essential Holiday Information

Acting as Agents

Vintage Spain Ltd (trading as Vintage Travel) acts only as agent for the owners/managers of the properties and providers of the other services (except flights) featured in our brochure and on this website. Your contract will be with such third parties.

Additional Services

Whilst we are happy to assist clients, when possible, with arranging certain additional services (payable locally), please note that we do so as your agent and do not enter into any contract with you or the local supplier for these. We cannot guarantee that any such service will be provided (even where confirmed) and will not be liable if it isn't.

We have no liability for the acts and omissions of the supplier or for the performance of the service. Your contract will be with the supplier of the service concerned (who may be the property owner), which will be subject to the supplier's own terms and conditions.

Such services may include the provision of a telephone service, WiFi and/or internet at the property, televisions, videos/DVDs, pool heating, extra cleaning or cooking services, bicycle or boat hire etc. If things go wrong, the property owner or, where appropriate, our local agent or representative will on request endeavour to liaise with the supplier to try to find a solution.

Ants and insects

Insects such as flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees and ants are a common problem in all hot countries and you should take the appropriate action to protect yourself. Keeping food in cupboards and fridges, keeping floors clean and removing rubbish on a daily basis will certainly help control the issue.


The vast majority of our properties have a BBQ, either inbuilt or portable. There are a few instances where local by-laws do not permit the use of naked flame BBQs and where this is the case it will be highlighted in the property description. Please note that it is not the maid's responsibility to clean the BBQ and we would kindly ask guests to leave it in good and clean condition.


The information shown on the line immediately under the name of each property indicates the capacity of the house, the number of bedrooms and the number of bathroom facilities within the house. The term 'bathroom' here implies a room with either bath or shower. Within the description of each property we use the following terms to describe these facilities in more detail:


  • A WC and usually a basin.


  • A bath (usually with a hand held shower attachment to taps), basin and WC (there may also be a bidet). Sometimes the bath may be smaller than full size, which we indicate by the term 'half bath'. If there is also a separate shower cubicle in a bathroom, this will be indicated as 'Bathroom with separate shower'.

Shower Room

  •  A shower (cubicle or walk-in), basin and WC (there may also be a bidet).

Booking conditions

When you confirm your booking with us you are entering into a binding contract with the owner of your chosen property and (where applicable) the provider(s) of any other services you book through us. Our Booking Conditions as varied and supplemented by the terms and conditions of the individual property owners and service providers constitute the basis of your contract(s) as well as dealing with our agency relationship. Please read all of these carefully.

Building work

Even though you are on holiday, the locals are not and on rare occasions building work might commence without any prior warning near to a property. We obviously have no control over this but, if advised, we will ask the owner to do what he can to prevent this having a material effect on your holiday. Naturally, if we are made aware of any nearby building work we would always try to advise you in advance of your holiday.


Only those persons named on your booking are entitled to stay in the property. Any additional persons (up to the maximum capacity) will be charged for at the pro rata full rental rate. Property owners do not allow overcrowding of properties and the maximum house capacity stated in the description cannot be exceeded.

However, if an extra folding bed or cot can be accommodated for a child under two, the owner may agree to the maximum being exceeded in relation to that child in which case a minimum charge of £50 per week (but may be up to £150 per week), will be payable to cover extra rental and laundry costs.

A few properties have double beds in every bedroom; we can usually arrange for the owner to supply one or two folding single beds for convenience of sharing parties, so long as the house capacity is not exceeded. 'Continental double' beds also feature in some property descriptions. These are usually two single mattresses on a large base and cannot be separated.

Check-in / Check-out Times 

Check-in 4.00pm, check-out 10.00am

Your property will usually be available for occupation from 4pm on your arrival date. However, cleaners may still be working at this time and we ask that guests show understanding in allowing them to finish preparing the property. In a few cases, the arrival time may not be until 6pm and this will be detailed in your final travel documents. You will usually be required to vacate your property by 10am on your departure date although cleaners and pool technicians may arrive as early as 9am. Please bear in mind these timings when you book your travel.


You must leave the property clean and tidy at the end of your stay, with dishes washed and put away/ the dishwasher emptied, rubbish cleared and any items which have been moved returned to their original position. It will be cleaned after you leave and if the owner of the property finds it to be in a dirty state and extra cleaning is required, the owner will charge you for such additional cleaning, at a rate of £20 per hour, which we will collect from you in our capacity as agent for the owner.

The accommodation is properly prepared for your arrival. Depending on the house and the area, the cleaning service will vary from a preparation clean for your arrival, to two or three times weekly. In some cases extra cleaning can be arranged during your stay (payable locally).

Cots and highchairs

A cot, for babies under two years, and a highchair, can in most cases be provided free of charge if requested at the same time as booking the property. If there is a charge for a cot or highchair then you will be advised of this at the time of booking. Cots may be a travel cot or of a more traditional style. We cannot guarantee that they will comply with British Standards, and if in doubt it is best to take your own. Additional cots and highchairs can sometimes be provided and where this is the case cots will be charged at £30 each and highchairs at £15 each. All cots and highchairs added after the holiday booking has been confirmed will be charged at the rates above. Bedding may not be provided for cots and you may need to take your own.

Directions to property

Directions to your property, along with any flight tickets, car hire vouchers etc., will usually be sent out two weeks prior to the start of your holiday. It is very important that you let us know your anticipated arrival and departure details so that we can ensure that the housekeeper or local representative is aware of your expected arrival and departure time.

Entertainment equipment

In some properties, there may be entertainment equipment such as a PlayStation, iPod dock etc. Where this is the case you should take your own games and/or other equipment with you. The equipment is used at your own risk and we and the owner cannot be liable for any damage caused to any games etc.

Electricity, water and gas supplies

Normal summer usage of water, gas and electricity is included in your rental. There is sometimes an extra charge for heating and air conditioning, which must be paid locally; if this is the case, it will be mentioned in the property description. On occasions, supply of water and electricity can be erratic, particularly in peak summer months when demand is high. Water supply can be interrupted or electric fuses may trip if, for example, several high wattage appliances are switched on at the same time.

Health & Safety

Please note that properties within our portfolio are built to comply with local building regulations and standards of private dwellings; those local standards may not be commensurate with those that you are accustomed to in your individual country of residence.

House locations

Many of the properties we feature are in more rural locations, a little off the beaten track and without close neighbours. For guests who wish to be closer to amenities - perhaps within walking distance, the information on the line immediately under the name of the property may indicate that it is considered a 'Town House' or 'Village House', reflecting the fact that the property is located in the heart of a town or village, probably in close proximity to other houses, and within walking distance of at least one shop and restaurant. Access to the houses may be by a steep or unmade track. Reduced mobility which could have an impact on your holiday must be highlighted to us, so that we can pass such information to the relevant supplier of the property, in an effort to determine whether the property is suitable for your needs. Prior to confirmation of your booking, please make us aware of any issues with reduced mobility which could have an impact on your holiday as it is your responsibility to ensure that your chosen property is suitable for the needs of you and your party. Our staff will always be happy to discuss any aspect with you to ensure that your holiday property meets your expectations in every way.

House standards

All the properties we feature are individually owned and range from large converted farmhouses to smaller modern villas. Standards vary enormously from basic but serviceable furnishings and equipment, to the more sophisticated and comfortable. Unless otherwise specifically stated, we make no representations as to the suitability of any property for children or persons with a medical condition, reduced mobility, or disability. Our staff will be pleased to assist with any queries about suitability of your chosen property.

Just a few of you - Small party rates

Where a lower rental price is shown in a property description, this will apply to the weeks specified, for couples or smaller groups up to the maximum specified. For these bookings, it is normal that not all bedrooms will be prepared or available. If you have paid a small party rate and have a preference for specific bedrooms to be prepared please let us know well in advance.


All kitchens have a refrigerator and cooking facilities, although these do vary enormously (from full split level ovens to simple hobs and local equipment). If you intend to extensively self-cater, or if a specific kitchen item is important to you, please consult a member of staff before confirming your booking. If there is a dishwasher, microwave or washing machine it will be mentioned in the property description.


Bed linen and towels are provided and laundered weekly (normally one bath towel and one hand towel per person). In most properties pool/beach towels will be available. We request that at the end of your stay all towels are left at your property, as missing towels will be charged for.

Local representation

Should a problem, deficiency or breakdown arise in or affect your property it is essential that you report it immediately to our local representative or agent and the property owner/manager, hereafter referred to as your local contact, in order for it to be rectified. Please ensure your local contact has a written note of the problem i.e. text or email. If the local contact is unable to resolve the problem to your satisfaction, please ensure that you have contacted our local representative (if you have not already) who will endeavour to assist in our capacity as agent for the owner. It is not reasonable to take no action during your holiday but write a letter of complaint on your return. If you fail to promptly notify any problem, deficiency or breakdown so that there has been insufficient or no opportunity to remedy it at the time, any claim for compensation you may have against the owner of the property is likely to be affected as a result.

Passport and visa requirements

If you are a British citizen and hold a valid British passport, other than for Turkey, you do not generally require a visa to travel to any of the destinations on this website. However, your own particular circumstances may mean that a visa is required for you or another member of your party. This may also be the case if you are not a British citizen with a British passport. We would strongly urge you therefore to contact the embassy or consulate of the country/ies that you will be visiting to obtain the most up-to-date information before making your booking through us.

Children will need their own passports. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website: also provides information and links to assist you in establishing the passport and visa requirements which are applicable to you as well as providing advice on a range of subjects relevant to overseas travel.


If you would like to take your pet on holiday, please contact us before confirming your booking to discuss whether pets are allowed in your chosen property. (Where pets are accepted, there is a per pet £30 charge and a refundable £175 security deposit taken).

Privacy and noise

Because the properties we feature are individual, the degree of privacy and seclusion varies greatly from one to another. Many properties do have neighbours and during the course of a holiday, pool cleaners and gardeners may visit regularly. Although rural properties should enjoy relative quiet, please remember that there will always be noise of some sort, be it from tractors, delivery lorries, locals playing their radios, or simply increased traffic on local roads in the summer months. At fiesta time music and bells will play from church towers, and fireworks are the norm in village streets. We urge clients to discuss this aspect with our staff when considering suitable properties.

Property Damage Waiver

The Property Damage Waiver will be added to your invoice at the rate of £5 per person. The PDW provides you with protection against accidental damage or loss to the property up to the value of £250 in total. It will not, however, cover any damage or loss which is caused negligently or deliberately or incidental breakages such as glasses, crockery etc which should be replaced locally.

For any damage or loss that exceeds the £250 limit, the owner reserves the right to invoice you in respect of the excess amount which must be paid immediately. Alternatively, you authorise us on behalf of the owner to take payment for any damage or loss in excess of the £250 limit from the credit or debit card used to pay for the booking up to £600. If payment is made in this way, your liability to the owner will not, however, be limited to £600 and the owner has the right to pursue you for the full amount of the damage or loss. If you do not want to pay the PDW, a security deposit of £500 (which may be higher for some properties) will be required, which we will collect and hold on the owner's behalf.

This will be refunded (less deductions for any damage, loss or breakages) after your return from holiday. At some properties a refundable security deposit is mandatory. Where this is the case, no PDW is payable. Your liability for any damage or loss is not, however, limited to the amount of any security deposit and you must ensure that your travel insurance covers the risk of this occurring.

NB For bookings where the guests are under the age of 25 years you will be required to pay an additional refundable security deposit up to a maximum price of 200% of the total property rental, this amount will be collected prior to your arrival at the property.

Property descriptions and photographs

The descriptions and photographs of properties appearing in our brochure and on our website are intended to indicate overall facilities and general standards and may not reflect any recent alterations/improvements made to the layout, décor, furnishings or equipment (indoor or outdoor), planting/landscaping. If we are aware of a significant change to the information given, we will endeavour to advise you at the time of booking. Please also be aware that artistic techniques may have been employed to enhance some of the natural aspects/elements in the photographic presentation and incidental accessories (e.g. candles, flowers etc.) may not necessarily be part of the property inventory. Some items in the photographs e.g. fireplaces, bread ovens etc. may be ornamental only. Local amenities referenced in the description may be subject to seasonal opening times or affected by local weather conditions, local events etc. Some amenities may close/close down without notice. Whilst every effort is made to describe and portray all properties accurately in our brochure and on our website, Vintage Travel will not be held liable in the unlikely event of an error, omission or change to amenities.

Rural life

Given the rural situation of many of our houses it is likely that owners or caretakers may visit their properties from time to time during your stay, to tend and water plants, crops and animals (some properties are part of or close to working farms). You may also be aware of unaccustomed noise such as dogs barking, cockerels crowing, sheep bleating and although sometimes offensive to our sensibility, it is commonplace to see dogs tied up. As everywhere, farm smells from animals and crop manure are normal in the countryside, as are insects such as flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees and ants. Rodents may also come in from the fields.

Seasonal Amenities

Some amenities are subject to weather conditions, seasonality and local events. Restaurants outdoor dining terraces, shops, transport services, local restaurants/cafes, beach facilities and tourist attractions may be limited or unavailable at the beginning or end of the season. 

Swimming pools

Pools are generally open from April to October, although in some areas they are opened later. In Lanzarote, pools are open throughout the year. We show the length and width of each pool in metres and we endeavour to be as accurate as possible with these. However, some measurements may be approximate, especially in the case of an unusual shaped pool. Most pools have shallow and deeper ends, although there are some which are the same depth throughout.

Increases in depth are not always uniform and can be steep / sudden. Our staff can usually advise of approximate depths. Please remember that depth markings and any information provided about depths may not be accurate. It is your responsibility to check the depth of the pool (including any unexpected changes) before first use. If a pool is fenced off or enclosed by some other means this will be mentioned in the house description. However, we stress that this feature should not be relied upon and is not to be considered a substitute for parental supervision of children near pools. You are strongly advised not to swim after drinking or at night.

Swimming pools (heated)

Most swimming pools are not heated. However, where we do state 'Heated Pool' in the property description, this is considered an “additional service”. The cost of providing pool heating is usually payable as an extra and must be pre-arranged. Please note that in the vast majority of cases pool heaters are designed to increase the water temperature by approximately 3°C - 6°C from the ambient water temperature at the time (up to a maximum of 26 to 28°C). The water may therefore still feel cold even where heated. Pool heating is not normally available in July & August. If there is a pool cover it is recommended that this is deployed when the pool is not in use as this will help the pool water retain heat.


If a property has a telephone, this will be indicated in the description. Usage may be restricted to incoming calls or local calls only. Outgoing calls are payable locally where phones are metered. In other cases, billing is administered by us and charged to your credit card (at cost + £15 admin fee). If taking a mobile phone you should ensure that it is set up for use abroad.

Television and satellite television

Where we state TV in the property description, this will refer to television showing local channels.

Where we state Satellite TV there may be one or more free to air English language channels, which could be a news channel(s). We cannot guarantee which channels or the reception of any channels. If we state DVD player you should take your own DVDs.

Travel advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office publishes regularly updated travel information on its website: which you are recommended to consult before booking and in good time before departure.

Travel insurance

It is essential that you have travel insurance to protect you against cancellation charges in the event that you have to cancel, damage to the holiday property and medical expenses (including the cost of repatriation in the event of medical need) whilst on holiday.  We will require you to provide us with details of  cover arranged.  For olidays in the EU/EEA, all UK residents should carry the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), which enables you to get free or reduced cost medical treatment if you fall ill or have an accident on holiday. Please ensure that the card is in date. Please note that if you still have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), it remains valid until its expiry date. The latest information and how to apply for the new GHIC can be found at

Welcome packs

At most properties owners offer a complimentary pack of food and drink to provide a snack on arrival (contents may vary from country to country or even villa to villa).

WiFi and internet

If a property has WiFi/an internet connection, this will be indicated in the description. Data limits may apply and reliability cannot be guaranteed. It is unlikely that most internet services would be comparable to those commonly available in the U.K. Internet usage should only be considered appropriate for basic functions such as web browsing and utilising email. We are unable to accept responsibility or offer compensation for loss of connection or internet service. Please also see Additional services.

Your health

It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of all recommended vaccinations and health precautions in good time before departure. Details are available from your GP surgery and from the National Travel Health Network and Centre: Information on health abroad is also available at:

Whilst we are not aware of any requirements for vaccinations in any of the countries in which the properties we feature are located, we urge you to check on the up to date position and any specific health concerns with your GP before booking a holiday.


We are a member of ABTA (ABTA numbers V5643 and P6716). ABTA and ABTA members help holidaymakers to get the most from their travel and assist them when things do not go according to plan. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA's Code of Conduct.
For further information about ABTA, the Code of Conduct and the arbitration scheme available to you if you have a complaint (see our booking conditions), contact ABTA at 30 Park Street, London, SE1 9EQ or see