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South West France is well served by scheduled and 'no frills' flights, with Bergerac, Bordeaux and Toulouse airports being within an hour or so of most of our properties. Limoges and Brive can be considered for visitors to the Dordogne and Lot. The airports at Rodez, Biarritz and Pau add to the choice, the latter two being most suitable for houses in Le Béarn.

Nowadays, the variety and choice of flights from UK airports to European destinations is considerable. We do not tie you in to a package holiday with prearranged travel; you are free to choose flights from your closest airport using any charter, scheduled or low cost airline.

We always recommend booking your flights and hire car as soon as you have decided on your holiday accommodation. You will find that fares are usually lower and the choice of flight times is wider.

If you need to place a 'hold' on your chosen property whilst you are booking your flights we are more than happy to do this for you. We can book flights on your behalf if you would like us to, for this service we charge a fee of £30 for each return flight booked

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Our regions in South west France


The Aveyron is the fifth largest department in France, yet is amongst the least populated. Spectacular countryside of hills and valleys, moorland, rivers and lakes, deep gorges, vineyards make this region truly delightful. There are few really large cities and towns but numerous villages and bastide towns that have stood the test of time. Dominating the area is the Aveyron river gorge, a spectacular sight and in summer a popular destination for canoeing and other river sports.


The Lot department is named after the river that runs through it from east to west, although you will also see many references to ‘Quercy’, its pre-Revolution name. It is a beautiful area, full of stunning and varied countryside, popular with anyone interested in nature, walking (nearly 3000km of signposted paths), canoeing, kayaking, horse riding, cycling, even paragliding. For those less keen on sporting activities, beautiful villages and towns with their colourful markets, museums and châteaux will keep you entertained.


Named after the River Gers, this rural department is characterised by sleepy bastide villages and rolling hills, with the Pyrenees mountain range visible to the south. It is also the country of d’Artagnan and the musketeers, and the region which produces Armagnac brandy. Less populated and busy than some other areas of South West France, the Gers has an unspoilt and authentic character which lends itself to a relaxed holiday at a slower pace.

Dordogne & Gironde

The River Dordogne is the lifeblood of this region, meandering through countryside overflowing with charming villages and towns, historic sites and 1001 châteaux, so it is said. In the north the aptly named ‘Green Périgord’ is verdant with fields and forests, great for walking and cycling, whilst rows of well tended vineyards typify the wine growing regions around Bergerac, St Emilion and Bordeaux. Just beyond Bordeaux, the Atlantic coast and inland lakes offer unspoilt beaches and numerous outdoor sports and activities.

Pyrénées-Atlantiques & Les Landes

The area close to the border with Spain, from the foothills to the mountain passes of the Pyrenees, is a lush green area that remains unspoilt by the excesses of tourism. In bygone days this province was called Le Béarn, and even today the locals are fiercely proud of being Béarnais. The Béarnais capital, Pau, is an atmospheric city with breathtaking views of mountain peaks and elegant Belle Epoque architecture.

Further north, the gentle rolling countryside of the Chalosse area begins, and beyond that the pine forests of Les Landes, a vast expanse of trees that seemingly march on for ever.

On the Atlantic coast, Biarritz manages to be both sophisticated and friendly and, in common with the smaller but still lively towns to the north and south, is a mecca for surfers.


The Lot-et-Garonne département, with its medieval towns, valleys, hills and orchards, is beautiful and unspoilt, sometimes referred to as the French Tuscany. It is also known as the 'orchard of France' due to its swathes of fruit trees, and the weekly markets offer the freshest locally grown produce. Many of the towns are 'bastides', rich with heritage and a delight to explore, their arcaded squares nowadays filled with cafés and shops.

Tarn & Tarn-et-Garonne

Taking its name from the river that carves its way east to west through the valley, the Tarn department presents a varied landscape of mountains, plateaux, forests and vineyards. Its capital, Albi, is a beautiful city dominated by a distinctive pink hued cathedral. The neighbouring department of Tarn-et-Garonne was created in 1808 by Napoleon, it is said to please the important people of Montauban, one of the earliest bastide towns. Due to the size and proximity of these departments, they are easy to explore during the course of a stay, along with parts of the Aveyron which is also not far away.

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