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Known to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Greece is filled with an array of stunning views and destinations at their famous beaches. With both the mainland and various islands dotted across the Mediterranean open for curious visitors, you’ll find history, food and culture around every corner. When thinking of Greece, it is often associated with sandy white beaches next to crystal blue waters as the sun shines down on us, and the beautiful views certainly have something for everybody. Whether you are staying in one of Greece’s amazing villas, or getting away in a nearby hotel, the remarkable range of beaches the island has to offer is sensational. From secluded pebble beaches to long stretches of family-friendly sand with snack bars and boat rental places nearby, here are just a few of our favourite getaway beaches in Greece.

Balos Lagoon, Crete

For families looking to escape to a villa in Crete, the island has plenty to offer with one of the country’s most magnificent beaches found right on your doorstep. As one of the most photographed beaches in the region, Balos Lagoon is certainly a hotspot for VIP visitors. Enjoy the calm turquoise waters on a morning ferry from Kissamos to navigate you to the beach, while spotting dolphins on the way, even the journey to the beach is one to remember. Perfect for families visiting nearby, the waters in the lagoon are also very shallow with plenty of space to explore, and is definitely one to add to your list of travels for you and your family.

Filiatro Beach, Ithaca

Close by to the capital of the island, Filiatro Beach is found on the historic island of Ithaca and is the perfect hotspot for those in a villa with easy access to its atmospheric centre. The pebble beach is matched with calm waters that reflect the huge swathes of natural greenery that surround the beach, also providing a natural shade for any sunseekers. For those staying in the nearby villas in Ithaca, it is the perfect quiet getaway to avoid busy crowds. Filiatro Beach is an amazing calm experience with its sense of seclusion to achieve the right amount of peace for your getaway.

Myrtos, Kefalonia

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as Greece itself, the Myrtos beach is set on a stunning hillside in Kefalonia. With white sand and calm blue waters, the scenery surrounding the beach is truly something to behold and is considered one of the focal points for visitors to the island. For those looking for villas in Kefalonia to relax in, Myrtos is one that should be at the top of your list as one of the most picture perfect beaches. Watch the sunset over the west coast or relax with a cold drink courtesy of the nearby snack bar, and you will be sure to be swept away by the world's famous beach.

Simos, Peloponnese

For those visiting Simos, you are spoilt for choice with not one, but two lovely beaches within reach of those staying in a beautiful villa in Peloponnese. Easy to reach by car, the beaches Megalos and Mikros, otherwise known as large and small offer stunning views and experiences for visitors looking for both fun and luxury. The two beaches are separated by a trail of white sand leading up to a large dune, and it is a great location for those with a sporty side to them. Offering a range of water sports including windsurfing, they are the perfect location for a unique swimming experience.

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