04 Jul
Porto from the river Douro

Gondomar is a municipality, situated to the east of Porto, in northern Portugal. This sizeable region runs along the bank of the River Douro, where river beaches, framed by woodland, provide the perfect spot for a summertime picnic.







13 Apr
Meia Praia

Lagos is a beautiful town on the western Algarve coastline, known for its character, charm and hive of activities, which perfectly blends traditional Portuguese culture with lively tourism. The beaches in the Lagos area are hailed as some of the best in the Algarve, with golden sands stretching for miles. Vintage Travel explores some of the best beaches near this magnetic destination.


20 Feb
Ponte de Lima

If you leave the city of Porto and head north until you reach the border with Spain, you’ll be in a region known as the Costa Verde (green coast); including the areas of the Douro Litoral and the Minho. There are some stunning vistas of green and rolling lands and a long striking beach. Small market towns are dotted around where traditions live on, pretty much unchanged for decades.