21 Jan
Ancient sunken city in Kekova, Kas, Antalya

Discovering Turkey’s island of Kekova

Kekova is a tiny island that that lies near the Lycian town of Demre in the beautiful Antalya province of Turkey. Deriving from the word for thyme in Turkish, Kekova is a distinctly fragrant island, the perfect place to relax, unwind and take in the natural beauty this part of Turkey is blessed with.




04 Jul
Grand Bazaar

Top tips for shopping in a Turkish Bazaar: A truly memorable experience

If you think of a bazaar as small, think again, as the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul has over 4000 stalls, and sometimes over a quarter of a million visitors daily! Shopping here is an incredible experience, this place is nuts! It’s not just buying, but bargaining and chatting with sellers that make the experience so special and unique. You can forget the conventional shopping process, as shopping in a Turkish Bazaar is more similar to acting than anything! Here are some tips that will help you have a good encounter when shopping Turkish style!


06 Nov

Exploring Kalkan’s pretty town of Islamlar

The rural village of Islamlar is nuzzled in the Taurus Mountains not far from the sophisticated Turkish town of Kalkan. With the beauty of the Taurus Mountains on your doorstep, the chic amenities of Kalkan just a 20-minute drive away and the translucent water of the Lycian coast nearby, Islamlar is the perfect base to explore the best on offer in this stunning region of Turkey.



02 May

Why Turkey’s Kalkan appeals to everyone

Situated on Turkey’s beautiful Turquoise Coast, the town of Kalkan is a sophisticated seaside resort that has something for everyone. Its wide-reaching appeal stems predominantly from its unique blend of cosmopolitan and modern nightlife, dining and shopping and a traditional, timeless charm.


09 Apr
Resort town of Kalkan

Kalkan: The Turkish town where there is never a dull moment!

What was once a traditional fishing village is now an upmarket and cosmopolitan coastal town! Kalkan, on Turkey’s south-western coast, is brimming with chic bars, trendy shops and exclusive seafood restaurants. Though despite its sophisticated makeover, what’s especially appealing about Kalkan is that it hasn’t lost its traditional roots. Its old town is lined with the quaint whitewashed houses and possesses a timeless and traditional feel that is synonymous with much of Turkey.