03 Nov

Three reasons to visit the Lycian Coast

Three reasons to visit the Lycian Coast and make it your 2012 holiday destination. Turkey’s Lycian Coast boasts a diverse range of ancient villages, a stunning coastline with sheltered bays, and jagged mountains flanked by fertile forests and dramatically rising 2000 metres above rocky headlands. Although despite its natural beauty, the Lycian Coast remains one

31 Aug

Best walking routes in Lycia

The Lycian Way – A 509-kilometre blend of sea, sand, culture and beauty. If you are an enthusiastic cyclist and you are visiting Lycia, the chances are that you are already familiar with the Lycian Way. Whether or not you are already ‘au fait’ with possibly the best walking routes in Lycia, if your holiday

19 Jun

Where to visit in Lycia

The peaceful and tranquil vibe that lulls over the southern Turkish region of Lycia is in contrast to its history of brutality over 2000 years ago. Although the brutality may have vanquished from Lycian life, the people of Lycia remain staunchly independent, proudly guarding their unique archaeological sites and inimitable culture. With such a vast

26 Jan

5 NEW luxury properties in Turkey’s Lycian Coast for 2010

We’ve been working hard to expand our portfolio of luxury holiday homes with private pools in Turkey for rent, bringing the total to 12 for 2010. The properties are all situated along the ancient coast of Lycia, known best for its impressive sites from ancient civilisations, including Letoon, Xanthos, Cyaneae and Arycanda to name just