14 Jun

A history of Sparta: Peloponnese’s most historical spot

A history of Sparta… The name conjures up images of a military city state that was strong, hard and unwavering. Sparta was once a prominent city-state in Ancient Greece, situated on the banks of the River Eurotas in south east Peloponnese. In its day, Sparta rivalled what Rome would become. A city state that politicians would

18 Feb

The mouth watering food of the Peloponnese

It’s not been an easy beginning of the 21st century for Greece. The birthplace of civilisation, philosophy and medicine has sadly been darkened by a cloud of fiscal turmoil and debt. Although it has to be said due to Greece’s unique geography and remarkable range of micro-climates, rain clouds never hang over Greece and its

18 May

Costa Navarino in The Peloponnese – “Captain” Vassillis Constantakopolous and his dream resort

When “Captain” Vassillis Constantakopolous looked long and hard at the beautiful coastline in the south western area of the Peloponnese, he vowed to put his money down on the table and turn the place into a ‘must see’ holiday. “Captain” Vassillis Constantakopolous was one of Greece’s most prominent shipowners and luxury hotel developers who passed

01 Mar

Peloponnese walking tours

With paths meandering alongside a coastal periphery of rocky cliffs, dense woodland and meadows luxuriant with colour and life, with 1000-year old mule trails running next to gorges tumbling down into mighty rivers fringed by wild flowers and exotic plant life, and with tracks climbing magnificent mountain ranges sporting views unsurpassable almost anywhere in the

23 Jul

Top ancient sightseeing attractions in Peloponnese

“The slight botanical variance is nothing compared to the bewildering variety of imposing ruins, situated in equally varied and beautiful scenery – massive mountains covered with low evergreen, oak and pines surround coastal valleys and loom above rocky shores and sandy beaches,” is Fodor Travel’s description of Peloponnese. The region of Peloponnese in southern Greece