19 Jun
Acropolis of Rhodes

Three unmissable landmarks on Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands. Due to its desirable mix of dense wooded valleys, ancient history, an abundance of great beaches and a lively night scene, Rhodes has long been a popular European summer holiday destination.

14 May
A beach on Rhodes

Five activities you simply can’t afford to miss on Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands. With an abundance of beaches, ancient history, lively nightlife, pretty towns and villages and stunning wooded valleys, there is so much to do on the island of Rhodes. If you are lucky enough to be visiting Rhodes this year, take a look at five places you simply

09 Apr

Things to do in Lindos, Rhodes

When staying on the island of Rhodes there really is one top excursion which every tourist should endeavour to visit – the pretty village of Lindos. Beware though, as there is hardly a flat piece of land in sight and walking around Lindos requires a certain level of fitness. With wonderful beaches and fascinating archaeological

23 Oct

Lindos on Rhodes

Lindos on Rhodes – A top contender for the paradisiacal worldwide travel destinations (if there was such an award). The town of Lindos has justifiably been referred to as being the jewel of Rhodes. This picturesque and historic seaside town has seen stonemasons through the ages as well as fighting men and warrior kings. These

22 Jan

A brief history of Rhodes

Historical sites, rapturous views and a periphery of golden sand – Why Rhodes remains a popular tourist destination! There was once a huge statue that stood in the port of Rhodes known as the Colossus. It was a representation of the Sun God, Helios and today is remembered as one of the seven wonders of

25 Mar
Boat trips in Rhodes

Three great boat trips in Rhodes

From excursions to Turkey to day-long cruises along the coastline discovering some of the most beautiful and secluded bays you may have ever seen, the island of Rhodes provides its visitors with a plethora of boat trips, cruises and ferry excursions. If discovering the waters that surround the island where the Aegean Sea meets the

20 Feb
activities in Rhodes in Spring

Activities in Rhodes in Spring

“She has come, the swallow has come, bringing fine seasons and fine years, white on her belly, black on her back.” These words are from the ‘Swallow Song of Rhodes’, one of the most famous songs of Ancient Greek folk song, and one that is still performed by the children of Rhodes every springtime.  In

08 Dec

New Years Eve in Rhodes 2011

Be blessed with a fruitful New Year on the island of Rhodes. Being usually sunny, having an under-average rainfall and with temperatures often reaching over 20-degrees Celsius, one could do a lot worse than spending New Years eve in Rhodes 2011. Although whilst even on the sunny Greek islands the weather cannot be guaranteed, the