18 Nov

World University Forum 2012

World University Forum 2012 on the island of Rhodes.

For any academics or educationally-minded travellers wanting an excuse to travel to Rhodes in the New Year, then learning about the 2012 World Universities Forum (WUF) that is being held at the University of Aegean, Rhodes, may be just the kind of excuse you need to jet off to sunny Rhodes this January.

Since 2008, the WUF has been held each year at different venues across the world. This fifth WUF meeting is taking place from 8 – 10 January, 2012. The focus of the event is to examine the current status and future possibilities of the University of Aegean. There will be a special focus however on the theme “Beyond the Neoliberal University”.

This theme will explore a wide range of related materials that are affecting universities and students around the world, including “academic capitalism”, privatisation, budget cut and austerity policies, increasing student debt, managerialism, and de-professionalization. The sessions held on Corfu aim to initiate conversation, debate and ideas about how scholars can address the profound impact the neoliberal model is having on university across the globe.

Speaking at the World University Forum 2012 will be Professor Ronald Barnett of the Institute of London, UK, Professor George Ritzer, Department of Sociology of the University of Maryland, USA and Rector Antonio Novoa of the University of Lisbon, Portugal, amongst other distinguished figures in higher education.

So where could you fit in to the World University forum 2012? The organisers of the event are calling upon members of the public to join the discussion and welcome you to submit a presentation proposal for the 2012 Forum. To submit a proposal visit ontheuniversity.com.

Situated in the city of Rhodes, one of the richest cities in the whole of Greece, the University of Aegean is surrounded by natural beauty, history and culture, with a plethora of activities and events put on each week.

In short, if you are concerned about the “neoliberalism” and “academic capitalism” of our universities and would like the opportunity to discuss this imperative subject in the most inspirational of locations possible, then be sure to put the World University Forum 2012 on your New Year itinerary.


18 Sep

Another 3 reasons to go to Rhodes in autumn

As well as being the biggest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes is also the island group’s capital, being world renowned for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes, which has been declared a World Heritage Site.

Aesthetically, Rhodes boasts immense beauty. From sparsely inhabited mountains covered with forests of pine and cypress on its interior, to rocky shores scattered with citrus fruit, olives and wine grapes on its exterior, Rhodes provides simply breath-taking landscapes.

Climatically Rhodes is mild with temperatures still in their mid-twenties well into October and even November.

If you are looking for relaxing, historical, beautiful and climatically-favourable break this autumn, the island of Rhodes should definitely be a contender.

If its natural beauty, unique history, relaxed atmosphere and enviable climate is not enough to persuade you to take your autumn getaway on Rhodes, perhaps  another 3 reasons to go to Rhodes in autumn may make up your mind.

On September 27, Tourism Day takes place on Rhodes. Throughout the day a grand orchestra of Kallithea Municipality and the orchestra of Stefanos Kazelis play traditional Greek folk music and dances in Faliraki’s main square.

On October 17 this year, the small yet picture-postcard village of Afandou will be holding the annual Aghios Louas celebrations. Throughout the day the whole village comes together for a huge feast followed by live music, dancing and merriment well into the early hours of the morning.

On October 28, 2011, Rhodes will celebrate Ochi Day. Ochi Day dates back to 1940 when the Greek government defied Mussolini’s ultimatum demanding capitulation. Since then the day has been celebrated with school and military parades taking place across the island.


02 Aug

3 festivals in Rhodes Summer 2011

If you are lucky enough to be travelling to the island of Rhodes this August or September, you may be interested in reading about 3 festivals in Rhodes Summer 2011.

Concert with Alkististis Protopsalti and Stefanos Korkolis

Great Masters Palace, Rhodes Old Town, 12 August 2011 at 21:30

When you combine the wonderful voice of Alkistis Protopsalti with the exceptionally talented hands of pianist Stefanos Korkolis, the net result is musical magnificence.

“What happens with me and Stefanos is something magical. We are like to magnets that attract. The one complements the other,” were the words of Alkistis Protopsalti himself.

If you want to witness, “Two great performers together, one voice, one piano,” be sure to make your way to the Great Masters Palace in Rhodes Old Town on August 12th, we promise you, you won’t regret it!

Festival of Kremasti and Funfair

Kremesti Village, 14 – 23 August 2011

Three days later on August 15, there is a bank holiday across the nation. The Dormiton of the Virgin Mary – known locally as the ‘Panagia’ – is the third most important religious holiday in Greece, after Christmas and Easter. Whilst the day is traditionally spent at the church, the island of Rhodes boasts a 10-day Penagia Festival. Held in the medieval Rhodes Old Town there could not be a better and more atmospheric setting for such a lively, colourful and eventful occasion – definitely one not to be missed.

Timiou Stavrou Festival

Kallithies, 13 – 14 September 2011

If you want to experience some truly traditional Greek dancing, then check out the Timiou Stavrou festival on 13 and 14 of September. Held in the beautiful coastal village of Kalithies, the Timiou Stravou festival celebrates the Exaltation of the True Cross and is celebrated with music, dancing, feasting, parades, costumes, activities for all the family, and merriment well into the early hours of the morning.

The picture-perfect village of Kalithies is an idyllic place to discover a huge slice of Greek history and culture, but none more so than when the Timiou Stavrou festival is held.


06 May

Rhodes Flower Festival 2011

Rhodes Flower Festival 2011 – Uniquely reviving the Medieval Age

If you are determined to take a late-spring break to a Greek island but are unsure which one to go to, Rhodes may prove a delectable choice at this time of the year.

During the last weeks of May, Rhodes Town holds an annual Medieval Rose Festival, and although the Old City is picturesque and beautiful at the best of times, the hundreds of stunning roses strewn on the old stone walls, puts a vibrant splash of colour to the city, optimising its beauty and uniqueness.

This fascinating festival attracts tourists of all ages, ethnicities and tastes, who line Rhodes medieval streets all eager to witness the multitude of spectacular activities taking place. Children visiting the festival particularly enjoy the chasing of the dragon event, whereby both children and adults play a series of adventurous games, solve numerous intriguing puzzles and many a medieval riddle.

Various seminars, tours, presentations and medieval symposiums are put on throughout the festival, of which everybody involved in dressed up in medieval costumes, such as witches, knights, fairies, wizards, jesters and alchemists, all of whom wonder around in an amalgam of group parades as well as putting on highly impressive and entertaining solo displays.

This mesmerising Greek festival is the brain child of Anna Achiola, the creative director of the festival. Talking to Neos Kosmos, Ms Achiola commented:

“I think the idea existed in my mind from a very young age. Since I was a child, I loved the castles of Rhodes and dreamed of a revival of the Medieval Age, when all these stories about knights, ladies and witches were very real.”

Few could deny that the most characteristic and impressive site Rhodes is blessed with is its medieval old port. It is of little wonder that with its Street of the Knight, Palace of the Grand Master and the Old Town, that Rhodes Town is considered to be one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Given its global notoriety as being an exceptionally well preserved medieval town, it only seems right that Rhodes Town is home to one of the most spectacular and fascinating medieval events in the world.

For more information on what has been described as being one of the top three events on Rhodes not to be missed, visit the Medieval Rose Festival official website.


04 Mar

What to do in Rhodes 2010

Being one of the southernmost islands in Greece the climate is hot and dry. The temperature on Rhodes remains above 25 degrees from May to October with the months of July and August reaching peaks of 40 degrees during the daytime. Refreshing breezes often blow during these hotter months, and the sea is always a very pleasant temperature for bathing.

There are some exciting events planned for 2010 on the island…

Map of Rhodes, Greece


30 Nov

Vintage Travel’s 2010 Villa Holiday Brochures are here

We’ve  been busy compiling our new Vintage Travel Villa Holiday Brochures for Spain/the Balearics and Portugal, France/Italy/Gozo and Croatia and Greece/Turkey and are proud to report that they’re printed and ready to go! These brochures are by far our best yet with some stunning photography throughout as well as a dramatic increase in choice of villa holiday in some of the most desirable locations in Europe.

Here’s a summary of what each contains (click on the ‘Discover xxxx’ links to see the full range on the website or alternatively please call us to request your own copy):

Discover Spain, the Balearics and Portugal covers Catalunya, Andalucia, Galicia, Mallorca, Menorca, Northern Portugal and the Algarve.


Discover Spain, the Balearics and Portugal



05 Nov

Top 3 things to do in Rhodes

With the introduction of a handpicked selection of villas with private pools in Rhodes into our catalogue for 2010 it seemed fitting to list our three top things to do and see in Rhodes.

If you get bored of the award winning sandy beaches then don’t worry, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice for things to do and see on the island. Hire a car and explore this stunning island.

Acropolis in Lindos Town

47 kilometres south of the capital lies the ancient town of Lindos and the ruins of a Knights Castle and the breathtaking Acropolis, which was dedicated to the goddess Athena (originally built around 1100 BC and rebuilt in the 6th century BC). The area is swamped in history and we suggest you join a tour to get the most out of the visit.

The Ancient Acropolis in Lindos