24 Oct

The unique, all-year charm of Le Marche’s Macerata

The old hilltop town of Macerata is an exceptional place to visit. From the outer edges of the town you can gaze over the undulating countryside, taking in some of the best views Le Marche has to offer. Though you wouldn’t want to stay gazing for too long, as Macerata’s interior is crying out to

20 Mar

Easter Sunday in Florence

Springtime is an especially beautiful time in Tuscany. Fragrant pastel blossom hangs from the trees like pendulous Christmas baubles. Chromatic poppies cover the fields like a scarlet velvet carpet. Emerald dominates the vista as far as the eye can see. Apart from the obvious natural beauty that makes visiting Tuscany particularly enjoyable at this time

06 Aug

The Florence Festival of Paper Lanterns

The festival of Paper Lanterns takes place in Florence every year in early September and as you can imagine, is a particularly atmospheric event. While Florence is a lively and vibrant city all year round, the Paper Lantern Festival lights up this bustling Italian city with renewed vigour and life. In fact if you are

24 May

Umbria Jazz Festival 2012

Umbria Jazz Festival 2012– An electrifying mix of world quality music in the most idyllic of settings. From the 6 – 15 July, the Umbria Jazz Festival 2012 will be taking place in Perugia, Umbria. This world-acclaimed musical event has become one of the leading jazz festivals on both the Italian and international music festival