06 May
Why springtime is an exceptionally magical time in Andalucía

Why Springtime is an Exceptionally Magical Time in Andalucía

If you’ve yet to visit Andalucía’s ‘big three’ cities, you’re certainly in for a treat when you do. By ‘big three’ we mean Granada, Cordoba and Seville, three remarkable Spanish cities, laden in extraordinary Moorish architecture, brimming with zest, traditionalism and vivacity and paradisal for culture vultures, foodies, musicians, shopaholics, historians and more.





10 May
Village of Zahara de la Sierra, Cadiz Province, Andalucia, Spain

What makes Andalucía’s white-washed villages so special 

Set amongst impressive blue hazy mountain ranges, where olive green trees predominate, the white-washed villages of Andalucía stand out from a distance, shimmering in the hot Spanish sun. They appear timeless and, in fact, many of them have changed little over the years. These charming villages may have one or two roads that you can drive a car down, but typically comprise of wonderful mazes of little alleyways that interweave between one another.