31 Dec

Three beautiful towns of Lazio

Lazio, located in the central peninsular of Italy, is defined predominantly by rolling emerald hills and jagged mountain peaks. Amongst the hills and mountains are pockets of lakes, many of which comprise of a fascinating legend. This scenically-stunning part of Italy is also blessed with beautiful, traditional towns dotted across the landscape.

29 Oct
Chiaia di Luna isola di Ponza

Three of the best beaches on Lazio’s beautiful coastline

Did you know a staggering 10 percent of the world’s best beaches are in Italy? This culturally and gastronomically-distinct nation enjoys a wonderful periphery scattered with golden beaches, beautiful coves and fascinating coastal towns and villages. And none more so than the beautiful Lazio coast, laying to the south of Rome.

28 Oct

Discovering nature on the trails of Lazio

The Lazio region of Italy comprises of a diverse mix of ancient culture, verdant hills, lakes and mountains, bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea and crossed by the River Tiber. The provinces of Lazio include Rome, which is understandably the regional capital, as well as four other areas – Frosinone, Viterbo, Rieti and Latina.