17 Mar
Kalkan, Turkey

Experience authentic Turkey in Kalkan

The ancient town of Kalkan situated on Turkey’s beautiful Lycian coast is enchanting for several reasons. Firstly, it is a place unspoilt by mass tourism. Secondly, it is full of lush nature and crystal clear water. And thirdly, it is a place steeped in ancient history with architecture to prove it, moreover, Kalkan boasts a culture of traditional hospitality.


30 Sep
Kalkan, Turkey

Witness the history and atmosphere of the Kalkan Coast, Turkey

If you want to visit an area that has lost none of its traditional atmosphere in Turkey, then the Kalkan/Lycian coast is definitely a place worth considering. Three great mountain ranges have cut off this part of Turkey for centuries. Access was mainly achieved by sea, and thus it became important for many competing imperial powers, such as the Persians, Romans, and the Ottomans. This trade route was most important for cultural contacts, especially with the Greek world.


29 Aug

The magical atmosphere of Turkey’s Kalkan coast

The Kalkan area is one of the most beautiful parts of Turkey’s Lycian Turquoise coastline. The Lycian coast is lush, densely-forested and dramatically mountainous. The geography divides the land into river valleys, lakes, forests and rocky coastal plains, and due to the mountains rising to heights of over 10,000 feet, is still predominantly unspoilt. For centuries it was difficult to access this part of the country. Most contact came via the sea, especially from Greece, with trade in wine, charcoal cotton and grain. With ruins of two dozen cities in this province, a strong, atmospheric link with its past resonates through this stunning region of Turkey.


15 Jun
Kalkan beach

Enjoy the incredible Kaputas Gorge, Kalkan

The beautiful Turkish town of Kalkan is a wonderful place to visit, and offers much more than just sea, sun and sand. Situated at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, Kalkan was originally a tiny fishing village before it morphed into a bohemian, yet sophisticated historic town. With a small yacht harbour fronting a picturesque bay, lovely fishermen’s houses, restaurants that are intimate and cosy, plus chic bars, there’s something for everyone in Kalkan.


20 Apr

Places of interest near Kalkan, Turkey 

Kalkan is mostly about two types of very different holiday, mixed into one. An archaeological experience exploring Turkey’s ancient past, combined with a beach holiday and water sports.

Take a look at some of the incredible places of interest in the vicinity of the stunning Kalkan.


05 Oct

Why visiting the Turquoise Coast during the autumn makes sense

With milder weather, less crowds and still plenty to discover and explore, visiting popular Mediterranean destinations during ‘out of season’ months such as October and November can make sense. The stunning Turquoise Coast on the southern shores of Turkey is one such place in which autumn is an exceptionally rewarding time to visit.


24 Aug

The top three beaches in Kalkan

If you’re after a beach holiday bathed in sunshine, refreshing waters and nothing much to do other than relax and be happy, then in Kalkan, you might have found your dream destination. In fact when it comes to beaches, you’re spoilt for choice in and around the town of Kalkan on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.


09 Apr
Resort town of Kalkan

Kalkan: The Turkish town where there is never a dull moment!

What was once a traditional fishing village is now an upmarket and cosmopolitan coastal town! Kalkan, on Turkey’s south-western coast, is brimming with chic bars, trendy shops and exclusive seafood restaurants. Though despite its sophisticated makeover, what’s especially appealing about Kalkan is that it hasn’t lost its traditional roots. Its old town is lined with the quaint whitewashed houses and possesses a timeless and traditional feel that is synonymous with much of Turkey.