25 Jun
Lanzarote Guatiza cactus garden windmill

Exploring the village of Guatiza on Lanzarote

The beautiful island of Lanzarote is awash with interesting and picturesque villages and towns steeped in history, culture and tradition. One charming village in the north of Lanzarote is Guatiza, a small and tranquil settlement, most famed for its Cactus Garden.



15 Sep
El Golfo, Lanzarote

Discover El Golfo, Lazarote’s ‘Green Lagoon’

Lanzarote has many hidden natural treasures for discerning travellers to explore, and none more so than the half-submerged volcano, known as El Golfo. Over the centuries the volcano has been slowly eroded by the sea, leaving a magnificent wall of a crater adorned in tones of autumnal oranges and reds.