06 Oct

Work on the wine harvest on the French Riviera

Generally speaking one does not usually head for the south of France to put on the gardening gloves, pick up the pruning shears and kneel down in the dirt all day for some tough manual labour. On the contrary, during this time of year these hard to imagine scenarios are a common picture, as dozens of people gather at the vineyards of the French Riviera to chip in with the wine harvest proceedings, safe in the knowledge they are contributing to producing  some of the most best wines in the world.

Grape picking on the French Riviera

The wine harvest in the south of France usually starts in mid-September and lasts until mid-October, although this year due to high amounts of rain and frost during the spring, the flowering of the vines were delayed, thus delaying the whole process. Although its good news, as because the wine harvest season here is starting slightly later this year, you are not too late if you want to join the flock of wine enthusiasts and mix backache, sweat and fatigue with camaraderie, festivities and of course some serious wine tasting.